RiNo Supply Company

Medical & Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

Denver, CO


Established in 2009 in the RiNo District of Denver, RiNo Supply Company is a member-driven Denver medical marijuana dispensary dedicated to providing the highest quality product at the most affordable price. All of our plants are grown in our greenhouse near Boulder, Colorado with the top of line sustainable practices and nutrients. We value our long-lasting and loyal patient relationships, which allows us to build a very rewarding membership program. Come visit us today and ask about becoming a RiNo Supply Company member!


Premium Cannabis Strains in Denver

There is no shortage of dispensaries in Denver, but RiNo Supply Company knows what it takes to stand out in a crowd. Our experience providing a high level of care to medical marijuana patients taught us that it’s all about offering the best possible weed and giving people lots of options. Our greenhouse has 40 or more strains of cannabis growing in rotation at all times, so you’ll never run out of fresh, premium weed to try. Whether you find your favorite strain or try a new one every time, you can count on finding unbeatable buds at our dispensary in the RiNo District of Denver.

What Makes Top Shelf Strains Better?

Cannabis connoisseurs know when they’re holding some top-of-the-line nugs, but some people don’t understand how premium strains get so much better. Here at RiNo Supply, we ensure quality by cultivating our own plants in some of the most advanced greenhouses in Colorado. With growing operations near Boulder, we’re able to get help from some of the best green thumbs in the business. Once the pros are on board, you just need the best seeds, soil, and nutrients. We manage all of that while keeping our work sustainable.

Best MMJ and Recreational Products in Denver

We’re committed to providing an artisan level of care for our medical marijuana patients, and that’s what helped us build our reputation. As the cannabis scene moved forward in Denver, we saw that recreational marijuana customers also wanted products of a certain quality. By working with our friends and partners in the community, we’re able to provide premium cannabis for medical patients and recreational enthusiasts alike. From PHOs and BHOs to joints and edibles, you can order online for max convenience.