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About RiNo Supply Company

Established in 2009 in Denver's vibrant RiNo District, RiNo Supply Company is a recreational and medical cannabis dispensary, welcoming all qualified medical over the age of 21+ looking to explore our recreational offerings. We have curated a menu prioritizing superior quality along with a wide selection of some of Colorado's most distinguished cannabis cultivators. Stop by and explore what we have in stock! 

RiNo Supply Company Medical and Recreational Dispensary

Premium Cannabis Strains

In the thriving landscape of Denver dispensaries, RiNo Supply Company has mastered the art of distinction. Our  commitment to excellence shines through our expansive recreational menu and high level of care for medical cannabis patients. We firmly believe that surpassing expectations means providing the very best cannabis products, complemented by a wide variety of options to satisfy every guest's unique preferences. 

Veritas Fine Cannabis Snickerz

What Makes Top Shelf Products Better?

For cannabis connoisseurs and shoppers new to the industry, the unmistakable quality of top-of-the-line products we carry is a testament to superior craftsmanship. At RiNo Supply Co., we proudly offer a selection of Colorado's most sought after products, sourced from renowned and trusted brands. So what makes top shelf products the cream of the crop? When it comes to genetics, explore strains that have been carefully bred and selected to have desirable traits such as trichome density and terpene profiles catered to the experience you're looking to achieve. Determine the terpene profile that works best for you, providing unique flavors and aroma with a dose that elevates your overall cannabis experience. ​​

Sunshine Full Spectrum Rosin
Best dispensaries in Denver

Best MMJ and Recreational Products in Denver

At RiNo Supply Company, our dedication to outstanding care and carefully curated menu selection has continued to establish our reputation in the RiNo District. As Denver's cannabis landscape evolved, so did the preferences of our valued customers. We proudly offer premium cannabis that caters to medical patients and recreational enthusiasts alike. From solventless, BHO, and pre-packed products to a quality selection of joints, edibles, and infused non-edibles, we invite you to explore our well-stocked inventory or conveniently order online. 

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