The Worlds Oldest Marijuana Users

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The Worlds Oldest Marijuana Users. Before you get excited thinking that this is an article about grandads smoking herb, you should know that it’s something much more entertaining. This is actually about the first tribes in recorded history to use the plant – at least in a fun way.

How strong is your stoner history? Do you know who it was? If not, get ready to be impressed!

Heading to China

We know that this is the general region where cannabis came from, so it’s not surprising to learn this is where the first people were lighting up. But, the amount of time that has passed since they first started partaking might blow your mind. There was an ancient culture of people called the Gushi, who no longer exist, and scientists have actually found their stash that is about 2,700 years old. That’s right, these guys had it figured out quite some time ago.

Worlds Oldest Potheads

Who Were the Gushi?

The Gushi was an ancient culture that lived around the Turpan Basin in China, and to get a little modern perspective, today it is in the Xinjiang region. It’s tough to imagine what life was like back then, but it seems like they were pretty much the intense nomads that you would expect them to be. They lived in tents and moved around when needed. They also raised animals, including horses, cattle, sheep, goats, and camels.

Even though they were pretty awesome with bows and arrows, they still knew quite a lot about farming and agriculture. Somewhere along the way, it seems they learned how to grow marijuana. There are many different examples of what makes a culture civilized, but don’t you agree that this is one of them? After all, what’s better than a plant that makes people happy?

So, Were They Getting High?

The biggest letdown in these stories is usually when historians make up a million reasons why they were growing cannabis, and they try to claim that they weren’t actually using it to get high. Fortunately, there’s some good news in this case. The scientific examination found that they had a strain that was full of the good stuff, so it very clearly could be used for much more than just making rope. The plants that they found had obviously been grown specifically, and they weren’t just something the Gushi happened upon. Also, all of the male versions of the plant had been separated out, and the only thing preserved was the female parts of the plant – which happen to be the fun bit. So, yes, these guys were growing cannabis that contained significant levels of THC.

Ancient Marijuana

The Scientists Who Found Their Stash

The scientists may sound like they were just searching for some old-fashioned stoners, but they actually happened to be looking through a tomb of a man who was probably a big shaman for the tribe. It may surprise you to learn that this guy was Caucasian and had blue eyes, but the fancy items left in his Gobi Desert tomb show that he was quite important. They found archery equipment, horse saddles, pots, and even a bowl of oregano. At least, they first thought it was oregano, but once everyone’s mom left the archaeological site, they looked closer and realized it was actually marijuana. In modern recorded history, this discovery is the world’s oldest marijuana user.

Did The Scientists Smoke It?

This is a bit of a downer, but none of the scientists tested out the pot. They examined the plants, both with a chemical analysis and genetic studies, and they found out that it was similar to what we smoke today, and it definitely had the ability to get you high. But, aging your green for 3,000 years doesn’t seem like it will make it a fine vintage. The studies found that it had lost all of its potency – so it might as well have been a bowl of oregano.

Marijuana Gushi Tribe

How Would China Feel Today?

Unfortunately, this Gushi shaman would probably have to change his lifestyle if he was alive today. Marijuana is illegal in China, and they’ve even been known to give the death penalty to drug traffickers. It doesn’t look like this discovery of their history has changed their current view on drug laws, but they are flexible enough to let the ancient weed now spend its time in a Chinese museum.

Are You Ready to Make History?

The Gushi may have been the world’s oldest marijuana user in history that we know liked smoking up, but they weren’t the only ones. Many cultures since then have been found to like the green stuff, and that includes our own. Perhaps some future aliens will discover RiNo Supply and their scientists will happily examine our offerings. So, we’re not suggesting hiding your green somewhere hoping that and Indiana Jones will find it in a few thousand years, but just remember that you never know who might happen upon your stash if you hide it somewhere and forget about it.

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