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Why is Some Weed Purple?

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Purple weed certainly has its place in pop culture – there are even songs about it. This might lead you to wonder, “is purple cannabis actually important to everyday cannabis connoisseurs? Or is it just a meaningless flex?” To get to the bottom of things, you’ll have to learn about what makes cannabis turn purple in the first place.

What Makes Weed Purple?

The easiest answer is that some cannabis turns purple because it has high levels of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are pigments that occur naturally in many plants. They’re also found in red grapes, blackberries, and blueberries, which is why all of them have their dark colors.

These pigments can turn cannabis into other colors besides purple, too. Some cannabis strains with high levels of anthocyanins might have little pops of blue, black, dark green, red, or gold. The genetics of the plant affects its colors, and environmental factors can play a role, too. Think about how some flowers turn different colors depending on where they grow, and some leaves change colors in the fall. Cannabis can have slightly different colors depending on temperature, the pH of the soil, light, and more.

Purple Weed – Fact Vs. Fiction

Understandably, some people become fascinated by purple cannabis the first time they see it. As interest in purple weed grew, people were eager to explain it. This led to the spread of information from some people who were perhaps a bit too creative and not well versed in the science behind cannabis. For that reason, it’s worth going through some of the common information about purple weed to separate fact from fiction.

  • Fact – Some strains are naturally purple. While environmental factors do play a role, as discussed above, most strains will never turn purple. If you want to find purple buds, look for strains with “blue,” “black,” or “purple” in the name.
  • Fact – The cold makes cannabis turn purple. Again, it depends on the plant, but many of these strains with anthocyanins thrive in the cold.
  • Myth – You can freeze weed to turn it purple. Gradually exposing the live plant to colder temperatures (like natural autumn) can help anthocyanins become more dominant, but freezing your plant material isn’t the way to go.
  • Myth – Purple weed is dyed that way. While some people might be doing this, we can’t imagine putting dye on perfectly good flower. If you find purple buds at a reputable dispensary in Denver, you can safely assume the plant grew that way naturally.
  • Fact – Soil pH levels affect the color of cannabis. Anthocyanins might take on red tones in acidic soil, blue in alkaline soil, and purple in neutral conditions. Still, changing the color of the flower should never take precedence over growing healthy plants.
  • Myth – Purple weed is better. While it’s visually interesting, the purple strains are not necessarily superior to other cannabis. It’s fun to see flower that looks so unique but doesn’t expect a different smoking experience.

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