What is Full spectrum Cannabis and why is it so important

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Cannabis has been a hot topic of discussion in the past few years. There has been a lot of talk over the therapeutic benefits of the plant and how it can serve as a treatment for various ailments. Following several studies to understand the properties of the cannabis plant, research reveals that the presence of cannabinoids and terpenes is the reason behind the various health benefits possible from the plant. Cannabis constitutes two dominant cannabinoids, namely THC and CBD.

CBD has captured the interest of the audience across the globe as it a non-psychoactive compound that is particularly beneficial for users suffering from various physical and psychological ailments. The CBD compound has been widely pleasing for users from different countries as a potential treatment for ailments such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, seizures.


For a new user, CBD offers an exciting range of products you can explore in the market. While the methods of consumption may vary, the primary classification of CBD products in the market is full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD. Each of these categories has pros and cons and serves best for different types of applications. Full-spectrum CBD is a potent range of product that offers a wide range of use and health benefits to the users. So, what is it about the full spectrum that makes it unique and an active compound?

Getting to know Full Spectrum CBD

The term Full Spectrum CBD refers to the product of the cannabis extraction technique that retains the complete profile of terpenes and cannabinoids within the product. Normal extraction methods tend to drain out many essential components from cannabis extracts that could cause the user to lose out flavor and experience. But the cannabis plant is known for the “Entourage” effect. It means that the profile of chemicals present in the plant extract work best when they are present in unison. Full-spectrum CBD oil retains all the components of the plant and its properties that were originally present. It is the virgin oil that brings all the benefits possible from the plant with it even after processing.

What makes full spectrum the best choice?

  1. It contains only trace levels of psychoactive compounds: Experiencing a striking high is one of the most associated characteristics of consuming marijuana. But full-spectrum CBD products derived from hemp plants contain less than 0.3% of THC concentration. It makes sure that the user does not have a psychoactive experience and rather only soaks in the benefits possible from the plant. This characteristic not only makes the plant appropriate for all but also makes it legal in various parts of the world.
  2. The oil is closest to the natural extracts: The reason why cannabis has the most benefits before processing is that the natural chemicals and compounds on the plant are intact when consumed at this stage, whereas processing tends to eliminate or restructure various chemicals, causing the plant to lose its efficiency. CBD full spectrum oil allows most of the chemicals to remain within the product, except THC. It makes the product most beneficial with the presence of all the chemicals, along with eliminating the psychoactive properties making it a pleasing choice to all.
  3. It comes with a complete profile of natural chemicals: Cannabinoids are the crucial chemicals in the cannabis plant that is responsible for the various health benefits possible. Full-spectrum CBD includes about 113 cannabinoids that are available in the hemp plant. Many producers have extracting methods that eliminate the essential fatty acids and cannabinoids. The presence of these chemicals is important for developing high demand cannabis products, especially for medicinal purposes.
  4. It offers a sustainable treatment for ailments: The use of cannabis in many cases has shown positive results due to the presence of many cannabinoids that work together as a team to eliminate various symptoms and causes of ailments. While isolates are more potent, full-spectrum oils attend to a larger range of problems and offer a broad solution. It makes full-spectrum CBD a rather sustainable treatment option.
  5. It comes as a treat to your sensory palate: Users who consume CBD full-spectrum products feel like it is more of an experience as compared to consuming isolates. A crucial point of differentiation here is that full-spectrum products retain the natural elements of the extracts that are responsible for its aroma, flavors. The sharp taste of earthy musk combined with the subtle richness of floral, fruity, or spicy experience is an impeccable journey to go through as you consume full-spectrum CBD products. It promises an experience like no other by presenting to you a blend of perfect flavors.

The benefits possible from Full-Spectrum CBD oil

The presence of various potent cannabinoids such as CBDa, CBC, CBG, and terpenes like Caryophyllene, Pinene, Myrcene in small concentrations is, in fact, a boon to every user. These chemicals blend and work to elevate the benefits individually possible from each other and make the solution effective. Each of these low concentration chemicals contributes to certain health benefits that are possible to users who consume full-spectrum CBD products.


  1. It can act as an effective anti-inflammatory and pain relief medication: Several chronic pain conditions such as, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, show pain-related symptoms, and doctors prescribe pain relief medications for the same. But these medications come with a risk of abuse and addiction that indicates a need for a safe and effective natural remedy. CBD full-spectrum oils contain cannabinoids that combine to offer amazing anti-inflammatory benefits. The cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system to reduce the perception of pain, making it an effective remedy for users suffering from chronic pain conditions.
  2. It can help you cope with anxiety: Like pain medications, treatment options for mental health conditions so far include the use of medicines, especially during chronic stages that come with a list of side effects, dependency, and risks of addiction. CBD full spectrum oils products interact with the receptors present in the brain that trigger anxiety and fear in individuals. They help infuse happy hormones in the body and reduce paranoia, discomfort, and fear. Conditions such as PTSD, Anxiety, Depression show improvement during treatment with CBD oils.
  3. It has neuroprotective properties: With age, the cells in our brain lose the ability to regenerate at the same rate as earlier, which causes dysfunction. Alzheimer’s is one of the most common neurodegenerative diseases that can cause your cognitive functions to lose efficiency. CBD full spectrum products interact with the body to enable natural levels of cell regeneration that can help reduce the risk of such ailments.

Full Spectrum CBD delivers the promise of bringing a wide range of health benefits with minimal side effects possible with ease. Explore your local dispensaries or online stores to purchase some high-quality Full Spectrum CBD products for the best health benefits.

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