Cannabis Sativa

What is Cannabis Sativa?

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If you’ve spent enough time embracing the magical feelings of cannabis, then you’ve surely noticed that different types hit you different ways. Some melt you into the sofa, while others give you a great buzz to ride you through a party. You may know a few strains that take you to different types of highs, but how much do you really know about the plant families they come from?

A good place to start is by looking at cannabis sativa, one of the main centers of the cannabis world.

Cannabis Sativa

What is Cannabis Sativa?

Basically, all the different types of cannabis that you think of come from three main branches: sativa, indica, and hybrids. They’re all similar in the way that they can take you off to worlds of wonder, but they each have different traits that will do different things to your body and mind.

First, sativa is the more upbeat type of weed that encourages creativity, and it’s the one you want to smoke if you’re trying to have more fun doing any sort of physical activities. Next, there’s indica. It’s the one that relaxes you and plasters you to the couch for an amazing movie experience. And In case you hadn’t guessed, hybrid is kind of a cross between the two. So, it has the best, or worst, of both worlds.

How Sativa Looks

Each of the different types have their own distinct appearance, and you can’t call yourself a proud pothead until you know which one is which. Sativa grows leaves that are really tall and thin looking, and they’re different than the shorter, fatter ones that the others have. Also, it’s less durable in the wild, so it generally grows in warmer climates. This has a little bit of a downside because it takes longer to mature than the others, but it also doesn’t need the tough leaves and thick oils to protect it from the rough changes in weather.

The Sativa Buzz

But, when it comes to getting high, does it really matter what the plant looks like or where it comes from? Sativa soaks into you in a way that you come off with a lot of positive, uplifting feelings. Plus, it doesn’t give you a body high that flows out to your limbs, but instead it stays happily inside your head.

What is Cannabis Sativa

Medical Uses of Sativa

Sativa strains aren’t just used recreationally, but they’re also popular for quite a few medical conditions. Basically, the uplifting effect is used to bring a positive attitude to people who are struggling with that. Not only does it help focus people with ADD, but it boosts the lives of those suffering from depression, anxiety, and other similar conditions.

Activities Fun With Sativa

When you get back to the fun and recreational smoking, there are a lot of activities that go great with sativa.

First, it makes everyone feel like a creative genius. You might come off your high to realize that most of your ideas were absolutely ridiculous, but it usually gets the creative juices flowing enough to come up with a real winner.

Next, this is an awesome recipe for social gatherings. You’ll be mellow enough to find things funny and keep yourself entertained no matter how interesting your friends are, but it won’t knock you out before you even get to the party like other types of cannabis.

Third, it’s great for physical activities. You shouldn’t do anything risky or illegal (such as driving a car) while smoking sativa, but it can really make more physical and outdoor activities a lot more pleasant.

Also, don’t overlook it for helping with the boring parts of life. If you hate cleaning your house or doing yard work, why not smoke some sativa first? Guaranteed to make it more entertaining!

Sativa Marijuana

Popular Types of Sativa

It’s great to know the background of sativa, but when it comes down to it, which strain should you buy? Here are a few of the most popular types.

Green Crack: The name of this strain tells exactly why people love it so much. It has an earthy, citrusy flavor to it, and it really boosts your energy and puts you in a happy mood.

Lemon Haze: This one smells and tastes like lemons, so it’s not hard to imagine where the name comes from. It’s great for a bad day because smoking some of this one will really bring you to a happy place.

Durban Poison: This sweet, earthy tasting strain lifts you up to a good mood and gives you the energy to stay there.

Strawberry Cough: This type of cannabis has a strong strawberry flavor, but it has a certain trait that causes most people to cough when they smoke it. But, that won’t bother you for long because it’s famous for putting you in a good mood.

Smoke Some Sativa

Sativa is a good lesson that you can light up a joint without having to spend the rest of the day watching some cartoons. Try it for a creative boost or an adventure in the great outdoors, and let us know if you want some more specific recommendations. Contact us at RiNo Supply Co for cannabis sativa.