Cold Start Dabbing, What It Is And Why You Should Start!

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Over the past years, cannabis concentrates have gained popularity considering their sales are deemed to surpass flower sales. Their growing popularity can be attributed to many reasons, but most people say it is due to their consumption method. In the early days, the only choice you had to consume concentrates was traditional dabbing, but today innovation has brought up other ways. Cold start dabbing is the newest innovation and a great way to achieve a better dabbing experience.

RiNo Supply Co. is a medical and recreational cannabis dispensary committed to providing our clients with the best high-quality cannabis products in Denver, Colorado. We also share some insights with our customers and clients, so keep reading to learn how to perform a cold start dab and find out why this method of taking cannabis concentrates is popular.

What Is a Cold Start Dab?

Cold start dabbing, also known as reverse dabbing, is a method of consuming cannabis concentrates. It involves loading the concentrate into the nail or banger first and then heating it to vapor. It involves exposing your cannabis concentrates to lower temperatures than you would in traditional dabbing.

Cold start dabbing is considered the opposite of traditional dabbing since the traditional way involves heating the nail first and then placing the concentrate. Traditional dabbing aims to get the nail extremely hot and requires high temperatures of about 500-900 degrees. This high temperature can produce intense effects faster. However, it can easily destroy the concentrate’s flavor and produce the least vapor.

Many people today prefer using cold start dab as it is considered better than the traditional method and provides numerous benefits. Here are some of the benefits associated with low-temp dab:

Allows Preservation of Precious Phytochemicals

Cold start dabs use lower temperatures, which allows preservation of the terpenes and cannabinoids, improving the taste and flavor of your concentrates.

You Get to Enjoy Smoother Hits

With a Low-temp dab, no chemical reactions might produce toxic compounds, which means you will not cough because of overpowering your lungs or have any irritations and harshness in your throat.

Saves Time

Low-temp dab requires less preparation time than traditional dabs and does not require you to heat your banger to excessive temperatures making it convenient for use in a rush.

Easier on Your Equipment

Cold start dabbing uses low temperatures, so there will be less breaking, cracking, or wear and tear on your banger.

How to Perform Cold Start Dabbing?

Now that you understand the benefits of reverse dabbing, you should try it. To try out the cold start dabbing, you must have the necessary equipment: a banger, dabbing rig, blow torch, dabbing torch, and your concentrate of choice.

If you have collected all the necessary equipment, it is time to begin the cold dabbing process. Consider the following steps to enjoy the tastiest extracts hits in Denver.

  • Assemble all the parts of your rig and ensure that your banger is clean since reheating any residual concentrate might ruin the flavor and taste of the fresh concentrate.
  • Load your dab onto the dabber
  • Drop the dab inside the bucket of a clean, cold nail and place the carb cap on the nail.
  • Fire up your blowtorch and aim the tip of the flame a few inches away from the base of the banger. Move your blowtorch around to avoid concentrating too much heat on one spot.
  • Watch your concentrates closely to remove the torch as soon as they begin to bubble and vaporize.
  • Inhale as you clear the rig chamber completely by rotating the carb cap. You can expect to get one to two or more multiple hits from one cold start dab, depending on your lung capacity and the size of the dab.
  • Exhale.
  • Use a swab to clean the banger.
  • Allow the banger to cool completely.

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