What are Marijuana Dabs?

What are Dabs?

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New words come and go, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of them. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here to help!

Have you heard your friends going on and on about dabs lately? Did you know what they were talking about, or did you just casually pretend you’ve been dabbing for a while now?

Either way, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Dabs are awesome, so they are something stoners everywhere should know about! Read on, and we at RiNo Supply Co. will make sure you’re a dabbing expert by the end of this article.

What Are Dabs?

We have a lot of great stuff to talk about, but first let’s cover the most important part: what are dabs? The short answer is that they’re marijuana extract, and just like smoking or vaping, it’s yet another way for you to get high. Basically, you heat up the extract until it gets so hot that it turns to vapor, and you inhale it. Then, you go to your happy place.

How to Smoke Them?

It’s a little bit complicated, but it gets much easier if you have the right tools. You’re going to need some type of water pipe, but you can usually use your normal bong with a few extra additions. Then, you grab two other nifty little things, a nail, and a dome. The nail holds the extract, and it pretty much replaces the bowl that your bong normally hangs out with. The dome covers it so that the magic vapor doesn’t float away.

Next, you grab some fire (often a crème Brulee torch) to heat the nail, use a dab tool (a metal wand that lets you put on the extract without melting your fingers), and let the vapors enter your world.

Wait, Why Do I Want Dabs?

Oh, that’s easy, because they’ll get you really high. As in, really, really high. You’re tapping straight into the good stuff and skipping all the rest, so you can even get up to 90% THC going right into your body. It’s very intense, and it’s quite the experience!

What are Dabs

Medical Dabs

Dabs really got their start in the medical marijuana world, and it wasn’t an accident. They’re really popular for anyone using cannabis to fight disease because they’re the strongest and most efficient way to get high. It isn’t a complicated or difficult process, and it can get the right dose of THC right into the body. This is extremely helpful for anyone who needs cannabis for medical reasons, but wasn’t already used to smoking it.

Recreational Dabs

Of course, it didn’t take long to figure out that they can be used for more than just sick people. It’s extremely potent and fun, so it’s becoming more and more common in the world of legalized marijuana.

Be Careful with Dabs

We can’t talk about dabs without making sure to give a few warnings about them. First, we’ve mentioned that dabbing can quickly make you very high, so be ready for that. You have to take it slow and easy because even seasoned stoners are getting blown away by the effects.

Next, there are some big risks in trying to make the extracts yourself at home. This can be done, and a lot of online videos will try to convince you that you should, but it’s not a good idea. It’s a complicated process involving intense solvents and fancy equipment, and doing it wrong can end in explosions or other injury-causing events. There are a lot of pros willing to make the extracts, so the best idea is to stick to getting it from them.

Marijuana Dabs

Is It a Fad?

Whenever new ways of getting high appear, people, start to wonder if it’s just a passing fad. In the case of dabbing, who knows? The point is, it’s fun and it’s popular right now, and you might need to get a different cannabis strain that won’t make you so paranoid.

Where to Get Them?

This is another situation where we can say a big thank you to states (like Colorado) that have legalized marijuana. Dabs weren’t so easy to come by in the days when everything had to be bought and sold in secret, but now people are able to put in the effort to make the extracts and put them up for sale.

If you want to have a dabbing experience, just let us know! We’ll get you on the right path.

Dabbing Into the Future!

As cannabis heads more into the legal mainstream world, you can hope to get your hands on more and more bits of good news like this. There’s never been a better time or place to be a stoner, so sit back, relax, and enjoy. Looking to buy cannabis in Denver, CO? Contact RiNo Supply Co. today!