RiNo Welcomes CRUSH 2017

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RiNo welcomes CRUSH 2017 to the walls of the neighborhood surrounding Denver in the River North District. What has become an annual event since 2010; CRUSH welcomes graffiti writers, muralists, crochet yarn bombers and other installation artists to recreate the visual landscape of the River North Art neighborhood community.



Founded in 2010 by then graffiti artist, Robin Munro, CRUSH has taken over the eyes, hearts and minds of the entire art district and developing business community. CRUSH which stands for Creative Rituals Under Social Harmony, celebrates art, beautification and creative culture both locally and internationally the second week of September 11-17. Recently adopted as a non-profit 501c(3), CRUSH is a family friendly event. Additionally CRUSH is a culturally cross-blended event which is free and open to all ages and demographics in the RiNo Art District.


(CRUSH 2016 featured artist Elle and work in progress image from Elle Street Art; photo credit MegaFauna)


CRUSH 2017

During the week-long production of staffing, staging, buffing, painting and congregating; CRUSH invites the community at large to engage in a uniquely creative event that integrates local, national & international artists with creativity, conversations & cultures. The CRUSH 2017 event has also grown, boasting 100 walls throughout the alleys and buildings and other pieces of the urban landscape in the booming RiNo neighborhood.

While the event is not ticketed, nor clearly designated by start and stop times, the open format allows artists and attendees to engage in a natural and enriching interactions. Artists painting for the CRUSH event can be found scooting around lifts or toting ladders from sunrise well into the night; gathering in alley ways, comparing sketch notes, packing boxes of spray paint to and from locally donated housing.


(CRUSH 2016 featured artist Patrick Kane McGregor shown working on a wall piece, photo credit MegaFauna)


Key CRUSH locations 2017

Several key locations are being suggested for sightseeing during CRUSH 2017:


(Rino Supply Company 3100 Blake supports local artists with commission signage from Bimmer Torres 2017; photo credit & manipulation by Glevity)


Rino Supply Supports Artists

Rino Supply Company has called 3100 Blake Street home since it’s inception in 2009 and is a cheerful supporter of both the RiNo Art District and the CRUSH 2017 event. With numerous art installations on walls inside and out of the 3100 Blake Medical Marijuana facility, Rino is excited to welcome CRUSH 2017 and the earnest work and talented group of artists for both the organization at CRUSH and the hosted local, national and international artists.

If you are interested in learning more about CRUSH 2017 or wish to become involved by volunteering in this year’s event please click here!

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credit CRUSH website www.crushwalls.org for reference and historical data