RiNo Supply is carbon conscious certified in Boulder County

RiNo Supply Company Receives Carbon Conscious Certification

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RiNo Supply Company Receives Carbon Conscious Certification

Denver, Colorado, September 1, 2020

RiNo Supply Company is now Carbon Conscious Certified.

As part of the Cannabis Energy Impact Offset Fund, Boulder County recently created the Boulder County Carbon Conscious Certification (CCC) program. The CCC is a recently developed program that is designed to recognize cultivators that have exhibited a commitment towards reducing their carbon footprint. RiNo Supply Company (RiNo) is proud to be one of the first cultivators to receive this certification.

What is the CCC?

According to the Global Footprint Network, closed artificially lit warehouses in Colorado have a much higher Ecological Footprint than comparative open greenhouses in countries like Columbia. The CCC is the first program of its kind in the world and is being designed to help align the cannabis industry with other similar international standards and practices (ie. Fair Trade Certified). Ultimately, the goal of the CCC is to create Carbon Neutral Cannabis Cultivation. This will be achieved through reducing energy consumption and increasing carbon offsets.

“As the cannabis industry matures and nationwide market competition increases, it will be imperative for Boulder County cannabis cultivators to make data-driven decisions that lead to energy savings while maintaining or increasing their productivity levels,” said Dave Hatchimonji, Energy Efficiency Program Manager at Boulder County.

RiNo Supply Company is proud to be a part of this revolutionary program. We are fully committed to bringing our customers and the environment a higher standard by reducing our carbon footprint through Carbon Neutral Cannabis Cultivation.