Red Army Art Invades Rino Art District First Friday

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Red Army Art Invades Rino Art District First Friday on September 1st from 9am to 6pm. Attendees to the Rino Supply Gallery can anticipate a sea of red, soldiers, tanks and monuments from the Cold War era. Red Army Art presents manipulated photography in a pop art style from local photographer Al Heuer.

Al, a naturalized Coloradoan and lover of nature and history, first began photographing nature images 20 years ago, but his favorite medium took a dramatic turn after returning from a visit throughout the former USSR. “People began to respond to my photography in a dramatic way,” said Al in a recent conversation, he continued to say, “To be honest some people became outright upset because of the type of imagery (referring to the Communist propaganda imagery), but I think art is supposed to invoke a response and I fell in love with the conversation that engaged people.”

Displaying imagery of political and propaganda art including; statues, monuments and people, inspired Al to establish a company Red Army Art ( and focus his love of photography and sharing his passion with others. In the time since starting Red Army Art, Al has returned to dozen of countries in the Far East and Russia and he has collected over 10,000 images for his photographic library. The photographs Al takes are digitally manipulated or visually translated into the medium or style that presents to be very modern with a pop-art effect.

Al has shown his work at numerous galleries and restaurants and breweries in Denver and throughout Colorado. The introduction of Red Army Art at the Rino Supply Gallery on First Friday, in the RiNo Art District is a welcome contribution to art and continuing the conversation with the community.

The pieces represented by Red Army Art at Rino Supply Gallery were taken in the former USSR. Images are presented on a variety of mediums (canvas, paper and framed) and many of the pieces may be purchased as prints or originals.

The Red Army Art show at the Rino Supply Gallery will be on display the month of September with viewings during public hours. Red Army Art Invades Rino Art District First Friday, September 1 from 9am to 7pm is curated by MegaFauna resident Interior Decorator, Duncan Dash.

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John McCaskill

Marketing Director / Gallery Host