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Proper Pot Smoking Etiquette

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Proper pot smoking etiquette is important, if not required, to best enjoy marijuana. If you are lighting up with a group of people there are a number of things to consider. We’ve put together our top 10 rules into a guide to stoner etiquette.

Share the Greens

Save the Greens

If you’re smoking from a pipe never just roast the whole bowl with your lighter without thinking first. Be delicate and gentle to only light a corner of the greens so you can save some for the others.

Respect the Right of the Roller

If you’re in a group and sharing a joint or blunt, whoever rolls it gets the priority of the first hit. Even if it’s your weed, you should respect the right of the roller. That being said, if you are rolling up someone’s weed that is not yours, be courteous and offer them a hit first. That is proper pot smoking etiquette!

Puff, Puff, Pass

Always remember that a blunt is not a microphone. If you are smoking alone, take as much time as you want, but when you’re in a group abide by the laws of puff, puff, pass. If you find yourself caught in a deep conversation or enjoying some good music, just remember to pass the blunt, don’t zone out with it in your hand.

Pass the Blunt

Keep the Rotation

It’s never okay to break a smoking rotation. Even if someone doesn’t seem like they want to smoke more, offer it to them and they can simply pass it along in the same order it was going before. Even if you don’t have a perfect circle, the rotation should remain the same.

Clean your Glassware

If you’re using glass as your preferred method of smoking, make sure it’s clean before your friends arrive. Would you ever serve your friends a drink in a dirty glass? We didn’t think so. It doesn’t have to be spotless, resin is natural, but try and keep it clean.

Talk About Tobacco

If you enjoy mixing your marijuana with tobacco, make sure everyone in the group is aware of what you are doing first. Proper pot smoking etiquette would call this a “spliff”.

Stoner Etiquette with Tobacco

Matching or Money Upfront

If you smoke with friends and don’t ask for compensation or contribution beforehand then don’t decide they owe you later.

Never Pass the Ash

If you’ve noticed that your last hit burned the last of the weed, never pass the ash. Even if there might be a little bit of weed left, at least let the next person know that you think the bowl is almost or nearly ‘cashed’ and to be careful. Proper pot smoking etiquette would call for open and clear communication here.

Don’t be a Lighter Thief

It’s really, really easy to accidentally put someone else’s lighter in your pocket. Everyone’s done it at least once and it’s not the end of the world. However, lighters are an annoying expense, so try to be aware of who owns the lighter and don’t pocket it.

Matching the Same

If you are matching with a friend is proper pot smoking etiquette to contribute roughly the same amount of marijuana as them. If you were asked to bring drinks to a party and only brought one beer, that wouldn’t fly. Be aware of what others contribute and try to match the same.


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