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The Origins of OG Kush

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The origins of OG Kush has a long and storied past that has a happy ending in the Mile High City.  Right now, you may not realize just how spoiled for choice you actually are. Your weed options skyrocketed when it became legal for medical use, and that was nothing compared to what happened once it was legalized completely.

But, do you take advantage of this? Do you use the opportunity to regularly try out different strains, or do you puff away on something trustworthy?

Either way, you have to give OG Kush a try. But once you light up, you’re going to start to have one of those deeply confusing questions. You and your buddies will discuss it, but probably they don’t know either. The question, of course, is about the name.

What are the origins of OG Kush?

Light up a joint, and let’s find out.

OG Kush Origins

What are the origins of OG Kush?

Whoa, whoa. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Are you familiar with OG Kush?

We’ll get to the confusion about the name in a minute, but right now we’ll mention that it’s not even sure where OG Kush came from. It’s pretty safe to believe that it was created in California in the early 90s, but even that we don’t know for sure. Many think that it came from the strain Chemdawg, but the next step brings up an argument. Some believe that it was mixed with something else, and one of the most likely things is Hindu Kush (seems pretty logical with the name). But, others think that it could be a mixture of two other strains entirely. Some think all of that is nonsense, and they believe it’s just a super perfected version of Chemdawg.

On the other hand, we do know that it’s become the parent of quite a few other strains, and those are all magical.

The OG Kush High

This strain is popular because of how relaxed and stress free it will make you feel, and it has a distinct smell that puts you in a happy place before you even smoke it. Your fingers will be really sticky after rolling up these high-quality buds, and your mind will float away to a peaceful zone where nothing will bother you.

Hindu Kush Mountains

So, What’s With the Name?

This is where it gets even more tricky. Kush itself is pretty straightforward. It’s the name of a mountain range that goes between Afghanistan and Pakistan, so it was grabbed to label some of the buds that grow in those hills.

The letters OG are what cause the problem. No one seems to know the exact story, but there are a few pretty cool tales about where they came from.

One of the most popular stories is that the letters stand for “Ocean Grown.” This version says that the growers who created the strain in California back in the 90s were very excited about the quality. Instead of bragging about being grown on the side of a mountain, they were pumped that this had the fresh, moist air flowing in from the Pacific inside of their buds.

Another big tale that a lot of people stick to is that it stands for “Original Gangsta.” Here, a lot of dedicated stoners can’t even agree on what this means. Some say it refers to a drug dealer who worked his way up to this honorary title, and some of them say that it’s called this because it was put in a rap song. But, different people argue that it refers to a similar strain from Southern California, and using its initials were kind of a thank you.

If you’re not satisfied with those, don’t get upset. There are still other theories. A lot of people think it simply stands for “Outdoor Grown” or “Organically Grown,” and it’s pretty obvious where that would’ve come from.

There are more theories about the origins of OG Kush, but they start to become quite a stretch from here.

OG Kush Closeup

Where Can I Get Some OG Kush?

Living in Denver, you’re lucky enough to be able to get your hands on it. It wasn’t always so easy to find a dealer who had any back in the day, but now the legal situation has opened up the world to you. Come on over to pay us a visit, and we’ll set you up with some.

Time for Some OG Kush

In the end, does it really matter what the OG stands for? We can spend all day arguing about how it was made and where the name comes from, but that doesn’t change the simple truths about the plant. These buds are delicious, and they’ll take you to some amazing places.

But, if you know any other places the name might have come from, let us know!


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