Is Medical Weed Stronger than Regular Weed?

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Strong Medical Weed

If you’re looking for a strong high and you live in Colorado, it’s never been easier to find great quality kush. Looking for some of the most effective recreational strains simply comes down to heading down to your local dispensary and asking around. Despite this, some misconceptions regarding the strength of medical marijuana vs recreational marijuana still crop up namely that marijuana used for medical purposes is stronger than recreationally bred marijuana. While for the most part, this is not true, it is important to look at the reasons why in the past this might have been thought to be the case.

Average Weed Quality And Supply In The Past Was Worse

Before its legalization, recreational consumers didn’t always have freedom of choice when it came to the type of weed they were able to consume. Likewise, non-medically approved producers wouldn’t always have the resources or environments available to them to breed higher-quality strains. These two conditions contributed towards cannabis ignorance, where large amounts of casual marijuana users didn’t have access to a greater understanding of different marijuana strains.

There was no consistency or quality control when it came to the quality of the product that one would have access to, leading to an overall lower average quality all around.

“Street weed” was also subject to these levels of quality variation. Medical dispensaries on the other hand had the resources and expertise available to them to be able to cross-breed stronger types of weed. While the intent of some medical strains is to avoid the high associated with cannabis usage, some of these strains still proved more potent than their “street” counterparts thanks to the increased consistency and quality control. Instead of medical marijuana being bred to be stronger, it just so happened that sometimes street weed would end up being weaker due to low quality.

Medical Weed Stronger Recreational

Stronger Weed Often Reserved For Pain Or Special Cases

Marijuana is often used to treat pain and certain strains of weed are used to combat pain caused by other conditions. The stronger the strain, the more effective it may be when it comes to treating pain. So while generally medical variants of pot might tend to be bred in order to avoid particularly strong highs and focus on pain, there are exceptions.

It is important to note that these specific potent strains of medical marijuana which are kept for special cases should not be used to judge the average effectiveness of medical marijuana in general.

Medical vs Regular Weed

Changing Sentiments And The Growing Awareness of Cannabis Culture

As one can imagine, the legalization of marijuana completely changes this dynamic and has ushered cannabis users into a new era. Yet as previously mentioned, the misconceptions still linger despite how drastically things have changed.

Whenever a new piece of legislature goes into effect the true consequences of the change in the law are unable to be fully understood until a certain amount of time passes. Certain things need to be allowed to play out naturally in order to reveal any unforeseen side effects. Other states such as California are only now starting to get legalized recreational weed, while others still don’t even have access to medical marijuana. Those in such areas might not have had the same level of exposure to the topic as those in Colorado.

Now more than ever, cannabis consumers are empowered to research and locate their favorite strains of marijuana depending on their preferences.

The beautiful thing is, many marijuana enthusiasts even outside of Colorado still have had the opportunity to learn about the trends which have cropped up since pot’s legalization thanks to the internet. The spread of information, knowledge, and culture we’ve seen in recent years with regards to recreational marijuana cannot hope to match anything we’ve seen in the past.

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