Medical Marijuana Uses

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Unfortunately, there exists a sort of stigma that hovers alongside medical marijuana use. Because of the ambiguous nature of the conditions marijuana is effective at treating, some do not take the beneficial effects of marijuana seriously and see the associated conditions as “an excuse.” We’ve written about strains of marijuana commonly used for medical applications, such as marijuana for pain relief or cannabis and migraines before. Today we’ll be digging deep into not only the effects of medicinal pot usage, but also into the various afflictions that they help in order to clear things up some more.

The reason why many are critical of medical marijuana’s effectiveness or necessity comes from the fact that marijuana doesn’t permanently cure any illness, much like antibiotics or prescription medication would. Instead, the medicinal uses of marijuana stem from the side effects associated from the consumption of the chemical compounds found in weed, THC and CBD. These chemicals produce a number of beneficial reactions in the body that prove effective at counteracting the symptoms of many conditions. The effects provided to the user will differ depending on which root plant the strain of weed has been derived from.

Medical Marijuana Uses

Physical Conditions

Indica strains are well known for what is called, “a body high.” This is usually experienced as a sort of warm numbing or “buzzing” sensation that passes through the user and leaves them feeling relaxed. Due to this side effect, indica strains are best utilized for physical conditions that cause pain or nausea. Examples of prime candidates that will benefit from indica strains are those with chronic pain or even cancer patients suffering drawbacks from chemotherapy. What’s more is that indica strains excel as sleep aids, something which combos nicely with their ability to relieve discomfort.

While painkillers such as vicodin or hydrocodone will generally be better at treating extreme pains, such medications carry a risk when used long term. While it is entirely possible to misuse marijuana as well, the same could be said even of coffee. When used in a responsible manner over the course of an extended period of time, marijuana won’t offer as much relief, but carries a lower risk of dependence.

In a 2016 survey conducted by Kaiser Hospitals, over 44% of Americans know someone who has been addicted to prescription painkillers.

Marijuana Medical Applications

Mental Conditions and Chemical Imbalances

While often used recreationally and thought of as the “thinking man’s” preferred choice, sativas are capable of helping to treat their own set of symptoms- namely those associated with mental disorders. Now, when we say “mental disorder” think less schizophrenia and more ADHD. Believe it or not, mental disorders are incredibly common and are experienced by almost everyone at some point in their life.Not all mental disorders are permanent conditions, but they aren’t something to be “cured” and don’t just go away overnight.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, approximately 20% of Americans struggle with a mental disorder, in a given year.

Sativa strains are associated with increased energy, improved focus, and a sense of general euphoria. These qualities become useful when struggling with chemical imbalances such as those which lead to depression. While the effects are temporary and will vary depending on the strength of the specific sativa strain in question, the medicinal usage of sativas can be an empowering tool which aids those who struggle with day to day functions.

Uses for Medical Marijuana

Understanding your symptoms and counteracting them

Before deciding on which strain suits your symptoms the best, make sure to consult a doctor and to receive their feedback as well. Certain conditions have alternative treatments available which may prove more effective than marijuana, while others might rely on marijuana being used in tandem with another substance or medication.

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