Marijuana and Sleep

Marijuana and Insomnia

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Marijuana and Insomnia are both commonly discussed subjects in today’s world. Marijuana is used for a lot of purposes, but it’s still full of surprises. On the medical side, it’s helping people with all kinds of conditions. You’ve probably heard that it’s used to help cancer patients, and that it improves the lives of those living with many other diseases. You also know that it helps those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and that it can ease the suffering of people enduring chronic pain.

But, what about insomnia?

You’ll be surprised when you learn how many people are impacted by insomnia, and also by the problems that this condition causes in their daily lives. This is another area where marijuana can be very useful.

The Upsetting Truth About Sleep DisordersMarijuana and Sleep

The CDC has recently been promoting the often overlooked fact that insufficient sleep is a public health problem.  Of the estimated 50 – 70 million people with a sleep or wakefulness disorder, they point out that they can accidentally cause harm to themselves and others in many different ways.

If that doesn’t sound like a big concern, just think about what happens when a sleep-deprived driver falls asleep at the wheel while on a busy road.  That’s just as serious as an intoxicated driver.

Looking at the issue from a different angle, think of all the costs associated with people developing more health problems because of their body’s weakened immune system.  Making sure everyone can sleep is something that our society should start taking more seriously, and maybe marijuana is the answer we’re looking for.  There are too many people that really need to get some rest.

Many Chemical Drugs for Sleep Disorders

Of course, anyone suffering from insomnia has the option of turning to pills.  This definitely isn’t a condition which is ignored by the pharmaceutical industry, and they’ve invested a lot of money to get their products out there.  Many patients routinely pop a prescription sleep aid to help get some shut-eye, but there are a lot of downsides to this.  For example, these drugs are highly addictive, so people using them quickly become hooked.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they could just use a non-addictive substance like cannabis? What about Marijuana and Insomnia?

No Risk of Overdose

Drug Overdose

Of course, another major downside to chemical drugs is the risk of overdose that can potentially be fatal.  It’s terrible that so many people are desperate for rest that they put their lives at risk.  This alone is a huge motivating factor of why people should seek alternative medicines to combat sleep disorders.

So, What about Marijuana and Insomnia?

Cannabis can go a long way to help improve the lives of people with sleep disorders, but it can’t necessarily fix the problem overnight.  One study found that marijuana helped people cut down the time that it took them to fall asleep, and that can really boost the morale of someone who’s used to staring at their ceiling for hours every night.  The study also pointed out that this didn’t have any negative impact on the quality of sleep the person had, and it even helped them have less interruptions.

Also, it’s important to note that this it isn’t just insomnia that can be helped.  Another condition is PTSD, and the better sleep can make a big difference to anyone trying to get through that.  Deeper sleep can cause the person to dream less, and that’s really helpful for someone who’s trying to forget a traumatic experience.

There are many other conditions that plague people with sleep disorders, and sleep apnea is one that curses the nights of millions of Americans.  Fortunately, another study found that marijuana can be another option for people dealing with that, and the treatment is less difficult than many other types the medical community has come up with.

We Need More Studies!

The only real downside of using marijuana to help with sleep disorders is that we don’t yet have a ton of proof of how well it works.  We’ve seen plenty of promising results of the research that has been conducted, but we’re going to need to actually start exploring the issue more to get more attention from the medical community.

This Can Improve Your Overall HealthMarijuana and Insomnia

Insomnia and many other sleep disorders aren’t life threatening, but lack of sleep leads to numerous other problems in life.  They can be immediate complications, such as low productivity due to tiredness.  Or they can also be longer issues, like an increased risk of heart disease.  In all cases, using marijuana to help get the right amount of sleep can help improve health as a whole.

Which Strain Is Right For You?

Don’t forget that marijuana is great whether you have a sleep disorder or not.  And if you’re not sure what strain is best for you, just get in touch so we can help discuss more about Marijuana and Insomnia!