Marijuana and Depression

Medical Marijuana and Depression

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Medical Marijuana and Depression:
We all know that cannabis is a controversial topic in the United States. Many lawmakers see it as a gateway drug that will ruin society, but many doctors see it as a potential remedy for a lot of the diseases running rampant through the population. We don’t know exactly how many different ailments it could help, but we’re constantly seeing more studies that prove it’s quite a useful little plant. What about medical marijuana and depression?

One study that came to light fairly recently had to do with medical marijuana and depression, and that could be quite good news for the people (and their loved ones) who have to battle this every day. And if you don’t think it sounds like a big deal, then think again. It’s believed that nearly 20% of the US population suffers from some sort of anxiety disorder, and that’s expensive and difficult for our society to deal with.

Marijuana and Depression

Medical Marijuana and Depression – Can it be fixed?

Most people are aware that chronic stress can eventually push someone over the edge into full-fledged depression. Scientists at the Research Institute on Addictions at the University of Buffalo came up with the idea that cannabis may be able to fight back against this, so they put their theory to the test. To explain it in simple terms, their idea was that the body naturally produces compounds which fight off bad feelings like anxiety, and in turn make us happier and healthier. Unfortunately, it seems that constant stress can cause the body to lower or stop producing these compounds, and this leads to a painful and difficult time for the person. But, the good news is that these compounds are similar to what’s found in cannabis, so it would make sense that a little smoking could help balance out the inside of a depressed person’s body and make them feel better.

They weren’t able to conduct their study on humans, but they measured the level of these compounds within laboratory rats, and they found that cannabis did cause an increase.

Not Just Depression

One of the tricky things about depression is that it usually comes uninvited with some other conditions. For example, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is something that often tags along with the condition. PTSD is generally caused by experiencing a traumatic event, such as a terrorist attack, sudden death of a family member, or a natural disaster, and it’s something that can last a lifetime. Fortunately, studies have also found that cannabis can help counter the problems caused by this, and it helps these people live their lives. Aside from PTSD, there are also similar results for multiple other conditions, including chronic pain.

Drugs and DepressionDrug Laws Make Research Difficult

Unfortunately, it can be slow to figure out exactly what sort of medical conditions cannabis is able to help. Much of this is because of the illegal nature of the plant in most places. Even when researchers are able to get their hands one some marijuana, they face more challenges when finding test subjects. It’s not always as simple as someone coming into a lab for an hour and trying it out. Instead, they usually need people to regularly use it over a long period of time.

This is one of the ways the new laws in Colorado will really help find improvements. In this case, they’re much more likely to find people suffering from depression who will be willing and able to consume cannabis on a regular basis, and this will allow them to conduct higher-quality studies.

Don’t Smoke Too Much!

While this all makes it sound like marijuana is a miracle drug, you do need to note that there haven’t been enough studies to know beyond a doubt the benefits of marijuana and depression. Also, other studies have suggested that people who regularly smoke large amounts of cannabis can be more likely to end up with depression in the first place. In other words, cannabis seems to be able to help people who have depression, but it also may be able to cause it in people who are otherwise healthy. So you should be aware of the fact that smoking too much of it could cause you more problems than it fixes, and remember to consume it in moderation.

Depression and Marijuana

If You Need Advice, We Have It

We’re not medical doctors or researchers at RiNo supply, but we are experts on cannabis, and we’ve heard a lot of feedback about which strains work best for which scenarios. And that’s something that they don’t teach in medical school, yet…

So whether you have depression or some other condition, feel free to stop by and have a chat with us. Also, if you’ve benefits using medical marijuana and depression (or for any other condition), we’d love to hear about it! You can help us improve the lives of others.