Low THC Marijuana Strains

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As the marijuana industry is allowed to operate increasingly in the open, consumers also are gaining the opportunity to be more selective with their preferred types of cannabis. This has resulted in strains once used mainly for medicinal purposes to see increased adoption rates among recreational users. Such strains are known for their low levels of THC– the psychoactive compound found in marijuana which causes the sensation of “being high.” Because of this, low THC cannabis has become a fantastic choice for newcomers or for those looking to relieve stress without the accompanying impairment. If the idea strikes you as an appealing one, then you’re not alone- we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular low THC strains for recreational use.

Low THC Marijuana Strains


A timeless classic, this sativa/indica hybrid has been the basis for many successive low THC strains on the market.

Not sure where to start? Want to experience the effects of both a sativa and an indica, but don’t want to dive straight into the deep end with a stronger hybrid?  If so, Cannatonic is a well-balanced option that does just enough to allow one to get their feet wet. Given its many derivatives and long history, one could conceivably consider it the “vanilla” of low THC strains.

Cannatonic Low THC Weed

Sour Tsunami

Derived from Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel, Sour Tsunami retains the same diesel flavor while significantly lowering the amount of THC content found in its parent strains.

Unsurprisingly, marijuana was not originally bred for high CBD content. It was not until more knowledge of the plant’s medicinal capabilities were understood that CBD-bred strains finally started to become a thing. Sour Tsunami is reputable for being among these first strains developed specifically for medicinal use.

Sour Tsunami Low THC Weed


A “remix” of the popular Cannatonic strain, this evolution stands out due to its complete lack of psychoactive after effects.

Take Cannatonic then pump the CBD percentage up to around 20% while further lowering the THC content and you get ACDC. To give you an example of just how much of a difference this makes, usually, CBD levels of around 10% are considered fairly high. Even though ACDC mainly sees use medicinally, those looking to take the edge off without any high at all will find exactly what they’re looking for here.

ACDC Low THC Strain


The “decaf” of sativa strains, Harlequin provides the focus and energy associated with sativa without the accompanying anxiety associated with it.

Harlequin still produces enough of a high for some of the sativa effects to be effective, but at a much smaller scale compared to a more intense strain. Bred as a lighter alternative to Columbian Gold, it is an excellent choice for those looking for some kick to help them out with work, yet can’t afford to allow a high to get in the way of said work. Likewise, it also works well for group brainstorming sessions, creating a relaxed and creative atmosphere within a social environment.

Low THC Weed Strains

Fast Eddy

The progeny of three unique strains, Fast Eddy lives up to its legacy in its richness of flavor.

Most hybrids will generally incorporate the best components of both the sativa and indica families, but Fast Eddy goes one step further and even includes equal parts ruderalis. It is interesting to note that ruderalis is normally ignored by the recreational community due to its low THC content, which only makes it all the more relevant to those seeking that characteristic.

The name refers to the speed at which the flower matures and not to the speed at which its effects activate. For those able to and interested in growing their own low THC strain, Fast Eddy is an easy and manageable option.

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