How To Prepare And Clean a Bong

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With cannabis becoming the talk of the town, many of us are excited to try the plant. The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about cannabis is smoking a joint. Smoking cannabis is one of the most popular ways of ingesting the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes of the cannabis plant. The next method that can give you a satisfying high is through a water pipe, also known as a bong. Using a bong is also one of the oldest methods of consuming cannabis. So, if you wish to invest in a bong as a novice, this article helps you with the ways to prepare, smoke, and clean your bong.

What is a bong?

A bong is simply a water pipe set up that uses water as the filter while smoking marijuana. The basic set up consists of a plate, where the sample of cannabis buds resides. There is a downstream constructed that leads to the water in the base. When you consume, the smoke travels from the buds into the water and enters your mouth through the neck and the mouthpiece. Bongs are easy to use and maintain and give a cleaner smoke to ingest as compared to a joint. Make sure you choose the best quality Arizer Argo vaporizers for a safe and efficient experience.

How can bong give you the best trip of your life?

Choosing between different means of consuming cannabis is completely based on personal preference. Cannabis enthusiasts often think that the high from a bong is much better as compared to most other types of ingestion. One of the major reasons behind such preference is that, even though you inhale the smoke of cannabis, the experience is less intense as compared to smoking. The smoke is cooler as compared to a joint. The substance can also be used to its best potential until the last extract. The overall process is gradual, and hence you will feel the high hit you in a smooth and relaxed manner.


One point to remember about a bong is that the way you prepare and use the accessory makes all the difference in your experience. If you crack the code to making and smoking you bong right, then there is no better way to experience the aromatic flavors and serenading high of the plants grown from top quality cannabis seeds. Another fact about bongs is that using water as a filter leads to excess resin build-up. In the case of a complicated filtering mechanism, the set up becomes quite difficult to clean. Yet, keeping your bong clean is an essential condition to ensure you enjoy a continuous and flawless high.

Preparing to Smoke

The first step to getting your bong ready to smoke is to strike the balance of the four elements properly – Water, Stem, Fire, and Weed. You need to get through some basic steps for preparing your bong before you smoke. Start by ensuring all the pieces of your set up are clean. Then, fill the bowl with fresh water. You must ensure the water covers a portion of the stem for it to filter the smoke efficiently. Typically, you need to fill water up to 7 cm of the stem, but this depends on your bong. You can also try other media instead of water, such as juice, tea, or a mixture of water with essential oils based on your choice.


There are two ways of filling your buds in a bong. You can place it directly in the bowl before you place the stem or pack the buds when the stem is still attached to the bong.  Before you pack your plant, run through the buds and grind it slowly with your fingers. Break them down into small pieces for the best effects. If you took the stem out, then you can place it back in the bong. Place the stem in the hole and ensure it fits well from the outside the base to enjoy the smoke completely.

Remember: How much buds you need to place largely depends on the amount you want to smoke and the number of people who you will share it with. Make sure you estimate the right amount of cannabis to place enough so as for everyone to enjoy a green high.

The right way to smoke from a bong

Now that you have prepared your bong, it is the time to relish the enchanting experience of your cannabis buds. Check for a carb hole in your bong. It is a small opening typically placed at the side or the back of the bong. If your design has a carb hole, then make sure you close it before you draw. Also, make sure you procure high quality CBD pens for your vaping needs as it would create much dense smoke.


Slowly light up your buds. Place the mouthpiece of the bong in your mouth and start drawing the smoke. Take small and slow draws initially. This step ensures that the buds are lighting up gradually rather than burning up immediately. Draw slowly to fill the chamber inside with smoke.

When the chamber fills up completely, get ready to take a hit. Remove your thumb from the opening, or if your design does not have a carb hole, then remove the stem from its fitting. Inhale the smoke slowly from the chamber. You can take a second draw if you cannot accommodate all the smoke the first time. Empty the chamber before you pass to your fellows to let them also enjoy a fresh draw.

Keeping It Clean

One of the most crucial steps to continue the wonderful experience with your bong is to maintain it well. Keeping your bong and every element of the set up clean will help you enjoy the most of your buds. If you leave the set up unattended or not cleaned for longer than 24 hours, it is going to become a breeding ground for bacteria. Try to clean after use every day at least with water and use one of the three methods given below once every few days to get rid of residues.

  1. Use a combination of 99% Isopropyl Alcohol, warm water, and coarse salt for cleaning your bong. Empty the water and fill it up with the mixture. Dismantle all the pieces and place them in food containers after filling them with the solution. Block the openings of all the parts of your bong with paper towels, rubber bands, or tape. Shake the solution to make sure it reaches the maximum corner. Rinse with warm water and use Q-tips to remove tough spots of resins.
  2. You can alternatively simply clean the bong with hot water by filling it up and letting the set-up rest before rinsing.
  3. Commercial solutions are also available that can help with the cleaning.

These tips will improve your experience with a bong and help you enjoy the fun flavors of cannabis.

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