RiNo Supply Company's Greenhouse near Boulder, CO

Located near Boulder, CO, the greenhouse is set near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, a serene setting for growing happy plants. The greenhouse staff takes pride in producing high-quality, clean and safe medicine for medical marijuana patients. The growing facility has been meticulously constructed to allow Mother Nature to do what she does best, while using sustainable practices to ensure the plants reach their genetic potential.

Is RiNo Supply Sustainable?

At RiNo Supply’s Greenhouse, our focus is sustainability and efficiency. Our plants are grown under natural sunlight which produces a superior product while reducing the carbon footprint of the facility. Our Team works hard to ensure the finest quality product that is free of any harsh chemicals or pesticides. The Greenhouse team is very passionate and dedicated to what they do. Expanding their skills and knowledge every day to master their craft and provide patients with a high quality medicine at an affordable price.

Is RiNo Supply Co product grown in soil?

Our plants are grown in our own unique blend of a peat-based growing media with coco coir and compost.

Is RiNo Supply Co product grown indoor or outdoor?

Greenhouses are cultivation facilities that are able to capture the best of both worlds. These hybrid structures allow the utilization of natural sunlight with the ability to manipulate and control certain environmental factors for better growth.

What methods do you use in your greenhouse that sets you apart from the competition?

What makes us unique is our capability to grow with natural sunlight, requiring far less fossil fuel consumption than indoor facilities. Our passion to provide quality medicine is what sets us apart from other cultivation facilities. We make sure the plants are finished with only water for the final two weeks of cultivation. The flowers are then dried and cured for at least a month to ensure superior flavor of a clean burning product.

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