Glassblowers of Instagram – Glass Blowing Bongs

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Updated: May 2022

Glassblowers of Instagram know there’s no better feeling than a brand new piece. Whether it’s a simple one-hitter or an extravagant new bong the size of a human leg, a fresh piece is a wonderful thing. Everyone knows that marijuana and blown glass go together like cookies and milk, which is why we’ve scoured Instagram for some of our favorite pieces to share with you.

Here are some of our favorite creations from glassblowers of Instagram:

We love everything about this piece and scene in general. The rock cairns in the background, the river, the natural setting, and of course the beautifully intricate and colorful piece.

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This piece reminds us of a level form Super Mario Brothers. The bricks on the outside that may or may not be full of coins, stacked into various levels. We also love the orange color that is a perfect contrast to the green natural colors behind. This looks like a great place to chill and a great piece to chill with!

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This smaller pipe is quite simple, which is why we like it so much. It could work as a decoration on your desk just as well as a nice piece when enjoying the outdoors. Normally bubblers get more love than simple pipes on Instagram, but this one is special.

This piece is so cool on so many levels. This would look awesome on a shelf in your house, but the ‘elephant balloon’ has a little secret that just you know about which is so cool. This is some creative and stunning glassblowing work!

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The octopus always seems like a very wise and crafty animal. Constantly changing form to outwit his enemies, they always seem like they are one step ahead of the game in the ocean world. Smoking herbs with an octopus would be amazing, but until someone figure that out, this is the next best thing!

Clearly we have a thing for piece’s shaped like animals, but I think you can understand why. This awesome bird piece has great coloring with thin stripes and swirls. We would love to take this bird to the jungle and relax.

While we love the multicolored pieces, the simple white lines of this great bubbler make it a pleasure to look at. They also chose an excellent place to show off this piece with some water and a nice looking city in the background. Would love to be there right now.

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We like creative and this is just that. Why not take your buds out of your tube and right back into a piece that replicates where they came from? A very unique piece.

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This piece is huge and looks like the entire universe bundled into an intricate pipe. The marbles with different colors inside this would be a great companion on a space voyage into the milky way!

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