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Low THC Weed: The Session IPA of Marijuana

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Colorado's relationship with legal marijuana has been a very interesting and eventful journey over the years. Beginning with medical use only and slowly progressing to recreational, the now billion dollar industry has had its share of ups and downs, with many new trends that have developed along the way. One trend that seemed to start with medical patients, but slowly has creeped into the ...

Colorado Population Growth Since Legalization

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Marijuana has long been on the minds and in the lungs of the people of Colorado. Back in November of 2000, the state first approved Amendment 20 which allowed the use of marijuana for approved medical patients. Fast forward 14 years and Colorado has a full-blown legal marijuana market, now offering cannabis to both medical and recreational users. While marijuana has long ...
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What is Cannabis Sativa?

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If you’ve spent enough time embracing the magical feelings of cannabis, then you’ve surely noticed that different types hit you different ways. Some melt you into the sofa, while others give you a great buzz to ride you through a party. You may know a few strains that take you to different types of highs, but how much do you …

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What are Dabs?

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New words come and go, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of them. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here to help! Have you heard your friends going on and on about dabs lately? Did you know what they were talking about, or did you just casually pretend you’ve been dabbing for a while now? Either way, it’s nothing to ...

Bob Marley’s Relationship with Marijuana

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Take a second to just close your eyes and relax, and then try to picture Bob Marley. It’s a safe bet that two things happened. First, a reggae song probably popped into your head while you were doing it. The other is that you probably imagined Bob with some smoke coming out of his lips. For living only 36 years, ...
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Marijuana Laws in Colorado

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You’ve just arrived to the Mile High City, and you want to get… well, high! The good news is that you now can. On the other hand, it’s not so simple. Cannabis is legal in Colorado for recreational purposes, but that doesn’t mean you can buy your buds at any corner store. It’s pretty heavily regulated, and there are quite …

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The Origins of OG Kush

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The origins of OG Kush has a long and storied past that has a happy ending in the Mile High City.  Right now, you may not realize just how spoiled for choice you actually are. Your weed options skyrocketed when it became legal for medical use, and that was nothing compared to what happened once it was legalized completely. But, do ...
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Creative Marijuana Tattoos

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Creative marijuana tattoos, like any tattoo, is a serious commitment and deciding what to choose as a subject for your permanent body art is never easy. For the love of Mary Jane, creative marijuana tattoos are common in many parts of the world, for the better or worse. Over the years we’ve seen some incredible marijuana tattoos and we’ve also seen …

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Marijuana and Comics

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Marijuana and comics, there’s nothing better! Few things are more entertaining than reading a good comic after a nice smoke session. We’ve scoured the internet in search of some quality marijuana and comics for your enjoyment. Sit back, relax and check out what we’ve found! Kale Timeless Peace What Time is it? The Duckling and the Frog The High Cliff First …

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Proper Pot Smoking Etiquette

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Proper pot smoking etiquette is important, if not required, to best enjoy marijuana. If you are lighting up with a group of people there are a number of things to consider. We’ve put together our top 10 rules into a guide to stoner etiquette. Save the Greens If you’re smoking from a pipe never just roast the whole bowl with your lighter without …