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Rino Supply Presents Final Friday Finale 2017

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Rino Supply Presents Final Friday Finale 2017   In support of the independent network of creatives and businesses along the Blake Street cooridor, Rino Supply Company brings you the culminating event of the Summer 2017. Final Friday August 25 closes out the targeted promotional campaign for the Boutiques on Blake in the RiNo, River North District.   Following endless months …

Is Medical Weed Stronger than Regular Weed?

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If you’re looking for a strong high and you live in Colorado, it’s never been easier to find great quality kush. Looking for some of the most effective recreational strains simply comes down to heading down to your local dispensary and asking around. Despite this, some misconceptions regarding the strength of medical marijuana vs recreational marijuana still crop up namely ...
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Velorama Festival and Colorado Classic in Rino August 11-13

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Velorama Festival and Colorado Classic in Rino August 11-13 for a 3-day bike, music and craft festival in Denver’s Rino Art District held in conjunction with the Colorado Classic’s Denver Stages (3 and 4). Billed as an entertainment experience that will be part bike race and celebration of bicycle culture, part music festival, part craft-goods marketplace, and entirely entertaining. From …

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Medical Marijuana Uses

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Unfortunately, there exists a sort of stigma that hovers alongside medical marijuana use. Because of the ambiguous nature of the conditions marijuana is effective at treating, some do not take the beneficial effects of marijuana seriously and see the associated conditions as “an excuse.” We’ve written about strains of marijuana commonly used for medical applications, such as marijuana for pain …

Low THC Marijuana Strains

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As the marijuana industry is allowed to operate increasingly in the open, consumers also are gaining the opportunity to be more selective with their preferred types of cannabis. This has resulted in strains once used mainly for medicinal purposes to see increased adoption rates among recreational users. Such strains are known for their low levels of THC- the psychoactive compound ...
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Best Marijuana Strains For Energy

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A common misconception is that marijuana is really only suited for unwinding after a long day, putting yourself to sleep, or simply relaxing. Some people think it’s counterproductive or even unwise to use it for energy during daytime activities since it may overly relax or sedate you. This may hold true for indica strains, but many people turn to sativa-dominant strains that ...
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Where to Buy Pot in Denver?

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If you’re into the ganja lifestyle, then we have some good news for you. All those stories that you’ve been hearing about Denver being a weed paradise are true! Buying pot on the corner near the 7-11 is a thing of the past in Colorado, and now it's as easy and sophisticated as visiting a Starbucks. This kind of freedom ...
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Notice: Product Recall

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Dear RiNo Supply Co, Inc patients and family, It has come to our attention that a product processed by a third party has been recalled. Our patients safety and health are our upmost and top priority so we have removed all affected products to ensure our patients continue to receive high quality and safe affordable medicine. RiNo Supply has taken …