Pre-rolls are a popular option for cannabis users for many reasons. However, it can be challenging to determine what is inside your pre-rolls.

  • Pre-rolls are joints that are ready to smoke as soon as you purchase them.
  • Manufacturers may use flower or shake or some combination of the two in the pre-rolls they produce.
  • RiNo Supply Co. can help you find a quality pre-roll from the selection available at the dispensary.

What Are Pre-Rolls?

Pre-rolls are joints that are already rolled and ready to smoke. They are perhaps the best-known form of marijuana consumption. The popularity of pre-rolls is due to their affordability, ease of use, and portability. Pre-rolls are also the most accessible form of marijuana to share with friends.

Once upon a time, consumers had to roll their own joints since marijuana was illegal. Now that more states are legalizing cannabis, pre-rolls are available at dispensaries and other kinds of shops.

As the availability of pre-rolls has grown, so have consumers’ opinions about them. Many users feel the commercially produced joints contain poor-quality cannabis or have poor construction. This reputation is not entirely unwarranted for two main reasons:

  • Some pre-rolls contain leaves and stem from the bud. This material, called trim, should be cut away before curing in quality products. 
  • Most complaints about pre-rolls involve the paper. Because it conceals the cannabis from the user’s eyes, the paper enables manufacturers to hide inferior quality cannabis inside. Buyers get wary after a few bad experiences and stop buying pre-rolls.

How Do Manufacturers Make Pre-Rolls?

Most manufacturers use flower in their pre-rolls, which is what most consumers expect. However, other components get into the rolls as well. In the dispensaries, nugs of cannabis get shifted around, and bits of the plant fall off. These pieces are called shake, and the shake ends up in the pre-rolls. Concentrates are sometimes added as well to enhance the smoking experience.

Some producers grind down nugs and add them to the mix. The mix goes into pre-rolled cones of paper, and a machine uses a shaking motion to settle the material and remove the air. Employees check the filled joints to ensure the material isn’t too tight or loose inside the paper. Improperly filled pre-rolls won’t burn efficiently. Twist off the tip, and the pre-roll is ready to consume.

The use of shake in pre-rolls is somewhat controversial. While most manufacturers do it to avoid waste, many consumers hate the practice. If the shake is of poor quality, is too dry, or has too many stems, the pre-rolls won’t be pleasing to use. Another problem occurs when shake from different kinds of plants gets dumped into the rolls.

What Makes a Quality Pre-Roll?

What a consumer considers high-quality varies some by the individual. Tastes and preferences are different for each user. However, here a few things to look for to improve your experience:

  • A good pre-roll should last from 30 to 120 minutes, depending on what is in it. The number of hits required varies by the individual.
  • Look for a pre-roll made from the same contents sold in other containers like bags and jars. Strain-specificity is usually a sign of quality as well.
  • Quality packaging is usually a sign of a quality product.
  • The fragrance is another key to identifying a quality pre-roll. If you can open the container and sniff, you should get a rich mixture of terpenes and dank freshness. Dank is another word for having a strong aroma. If it smells like hay, it’s probably too dry for an exceptional experience. Be wary if it smells like campfire smoke or chemicals, as these are indicators of pollutants in the components.
  • At RiNo Supply Co., our selection of pre-rolls ranges in price from $11.00 to $35.00. You may see promotional ads for penny joints or similar, but you get what you pay for when it comes to pre-rolls. If you’re paying a higher price for a package of pre-rolls, the manufacturer wants to make sure you get your money’s worth so you’ll keep buying.

The best advice for learning about a good pre-roll is to ask the experts, specifically the budtender. A budtender is someone who works in a dispensary. These professionals maintain a working knowledge of the products, and a good budtender should always know what’s in the product. Most have tried the products they sell or know someone who has so that they can share those experiences. At RiNo Supply Co., our friendly and knowledgeable team can educate you on what’s inside the products you’re considering, and we’ll give you honest, straightforward information.

Why Choose RiNo Supply Co. for Buying a Pre-roll in Denver, CO?

At RiNo Supply Co., we offer a variety of quality pre-rolls for your enjoyment. Since 2009, we’ve served the marijuana needs of the Denver area with the highest quality products at the best prices. The locally raised plants from our greenhouse near Boulder are grown with sustainable practices and nutrition. Check out our membership program for frequent buyers or give us a call at (303) 296-2680 today!

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