Weed Terminology & Cannabis Glossary

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Dispensary Terminology & Cannabis Glossary

  • Cannabis has multiple medical and recreational uses.
  • Cannabis products are available in various forms.
  • Learning the vocabulary around cannabis use can help you determine what forms are suitable for you.

If you’re new to the world of cannabis, you may wonder about the meaning of some of the terms you encounter as you learn. Even if you’re very familiar with the plants, new developments happen every day. Here’s a glossary of cannabis terms from RiNo Supply to help you gain knowledge of the field.

What Is Cannabis?

The cannabis plant comes in three variations, Cannabis ruderalis, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis sativa.

  • The Indica plant is shorter and “fluffier” than the other two strains and lends a sedative quality to products. Kush is one strain of India that comes from the Hindu Kush mountains. Some of the benefits of indica include pain relief, muscle relaxation, reduced number of seizures, and lessened anxiety and stress.
  • The Sativa plant is taller and takes longer to grow and flower. Users describe the effect of Sativa as more energizing than Indica. Sativa consumers often report feeling healthier, having more positive thoughts, improved focus, and fewer periods of depression.

Hybrid strains of these varieties harness the best qualities of each and give users different experiences. Originally from Asia, cannabis flowers now grow worldwide in natural and artificial environments, anywhere you can create the right growing conditions.

What Are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are found only in the cannabis plant. These chemicals can bring users relief from pain and other symptoms, but they also have psychoactive results. THC is the best-known cannabinoid.

What Is THC?

THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. This component of the marijuana plant produces the “high” feeling that the drug gives people who use it. THC is the most available of all cannabinoids. Consumers report that THC makes them feel more relaxed, sharpens the senses, and reduces feelings of aggression, making people feel tired and hungry.

What Is a Cannabis Concentrate?

A cannabis concentrate is a potent form of cannabinoid. The formula can take the form of an extract, a shatter, or a tincture. Because of the potency, concentrates are good remedies for pain and chronic inflammation.

What Is a Cannabis Edible?

A cannabis edible is a form of marijuana you eat. These food items come in the form of candies, cookies, or brownies. Users love them because they can enjoy a treat while getting the correct marijuana dosage.

What Is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. The cannabis plant has at least 85 CBDs. Cannabidiol may be part of the treatment for conditions such as anxiety, pain, and inflammation. CBDs don’t produce the physical “high” that THC does, though it still has significant health benefits.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a form of cannabinoid used to treat some types of symptoms. It’s the most active ingredient in marijuana.

What Is a Bud?

Bud is a term used to describe the flower of the marijuana plant. It’s the part with the highest concentration of cannabinoids. Bud is for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

What Is a Budtender?

A budtender is a person who works for a marijuana dispensary. The job requires an in-depth level of knowledge about the plants. Budtenders are called upon to answer questions and make product recommendations.

What Is a Cross?

To get the most desirable traits into the cannabis plant, breeders cross strains with different qualities to develop new plants with the best characteristics of both. The process is called crossbreeding, and the resulting plan is called a cross.

What Does Backcross Mean?

The backcross is a process used to create a hybrid plant with specific desirable traits. In this procedure, the offspring plant is bred with its parent to enhance the sought-after characteristics. This technique allows growers to develop unique and rare strains of the plant. The term may also refer to the plant itself, as well as the breeding technique.

What Is a Hybrid Cannabis Plant?

A hybrid plant is one bred by crossing other strains of cannabis. Breeders choose each parent plant for its particular characteristics. Most of the marijuana available today to users today is some form of hybrid.

What Is Butane Hash Oil?

Butane hash oil (BHO) is one type of potent concentrate. It’s created by soaking a marijuana plant in butane as a solvent. The strain that evolves from this process has a very high THC level and is sometimes called honey oil.

What Is Shatter?

Shatter is another name for BHO in a hardened translucent or transparent form.

What Is a Tincture?

A tincture is a cannabis extract in liquid form. The formulas come in different flavors and are usually made with glycerol or alcohol.

What Is Wax?

Wax is another form of cannabis concentrate, so named because it looks like ear wax.

What Are Hash and Hash Oil?

Hash is a derivative that comes from the cannabis plant. It’s used in medicinal and recreational marijuana products. The hash powder is pressed to prepare it for use. Some varieties are stronger than others, and this form is usually more potent than the flowers themselves.

What Is Dabbing?

To dab or dabbing is a method of consuming cannabis. The word is a slang term that describes holding the cannabis against a hot surface and then inhaling.

What Does Dank Mean?

Dank is a way to describe cannabis that has a strong aroma.

What Is a Dispensary?

A dispensary describes a facility where people can buy cannabis legally. Dispensaries may also be called collectives, access points, pick-up locations, and co-ops.

What Is Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana is that which is prescribed to a patient to treat a diagnosed debilitating health condition. If the physician recommends that the patient needs the drug, then the state can issue a “red card” that allows patients to grow their own plants or purchase from a licensed dispensary. The Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment governs this process. You must be at least 18 years old to shop alone in the dispensary, even with a card.

What Is Recreational Marijuana?

Recreational marijuana is that which has no diagnosed medical purpose. While it is legal in Colorado, it can only be purchased lawfully from a licensed retail establishment and only by people age 21 and older.

Where Can I Learn More?

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