Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles are ideal for people who want to enjoy the effects of THC without having to smoke or inhale anything. If you enjoy what cannabis does for your body and mind, edibles allow you to pursue that without getting your lungs involved. As an added benefit, they taste great, and they’re fun to eat!

Edibles are made with extracts from some of the best cannabis strains on the market, which are then included in food items. The many types of edibles include all of the following:

  • Gummies
  • Chocolate Bars
  • Cookies
  • Tinctures
  • Drinks
  • Dissolvable Cannabis Powder

Before you enjoy a cannabis edible, it’s important to know that they interact with your body somewhat differently than other forms of cannabinoids. While the effects of smoking or vaping cannabis become evident almost immediately, it usually takes about an hour for your body to process the dose. That’s why we always say, “start low and go slow.”

Recreational Cannabis Edibles

Our recreational cannabis customers have access to a massive selection of different edible products. We pride ourselves on working with the best companies in the state of Colorado to get the best products and offer them at the lowest possible prices. Those brands include all of the following:

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Medical Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles are one of the biggest reasons many people still choose to become medical marijuana patients even though recreational cannabis is legal in Colorado. Medical marijuana edibles’ dose limits are much higher than those for recreational cannabis edibles. In other words, our medical marijuana edibles can contain significantly higher levels of THC in a single package. We’re always working hard to make sure we offer medical edibles with high THC levels and that we make them accessible at fair prices.

Buy Cannabis Edibles in Denver

Located in the River North neighborhood of downtown Denver, our cannabis dispensary always has a wide selection of different edibles. Here at RiNo Supply Company, you’ll find cannabis gummies, cannabis bars, cannabis tinctures, and more. Whether you prefer fruity gummies or sweet chocolate, our dispensary menu includes all kinds of tastes and textures of cannabis edibles to appeal to just about anyone’s preferences.

When you visit our Denver dispensary in River North, you’ll be greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Here at RiNo Supply Company, we take pride in hiring awesome budtenders and providing them with ongoing training about all of the products on our dispensary menu. They’ll be able to walk you through all of the options as you navigate our selection and choose something that appeals to you. We’ll also make sure you know exactly what to expect from the cannabis edibles you buy. Stop by today to get started, or place your order online for maximum convenience!

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