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Cannabis Concentrates

Within the next few years, the sales of cannabis concentrates may even surpass the sales of flower themselves. With so many great strains to choose from, plus all of the different kinds of cannabis edibles, there must be a reason people still choose extracts over everything else, right? The truth is that there are a few reasons concentrates have become so popular, and cannabis extracts are only getting better with time.



The biggest reason people love oil, wax, shatter, budder, cartridges, and all of the other extracts is that the THC levels are so incredibly high. The high THC content and rapid onset time of cannabis concentrates are way more impressive than even the best premium strains on the market. The next reason these products are getting so popular is that some of them also offer a potent flavor that’s a refined version of the natural cannabis taste. Finally, people love extracts because they’re so fun to enjoy.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

As you dive into these fascinating products, the first thing to do is improve your understanding of what exactly they are. As the name suggests, a cannabis concentrate is a highly concentrated extraction from the plant. Depending on the extraction method used, a given concentrate may be a butane hash oil (BHO), propane hash oil (PHO), a carbon dioxide extract, or some other type of marijuana concentrate. Some extraction processes require a high-tech extraction system like a closed-loop system, while other options like Rick Simpson Oil are relatively easy to make.

Concentrate products come in many different types, some of which have already been packaged into vape pens. While almost all of these cannabis products will have high THC levels, they’re not all the same. Some cannabis concentrate products have short shelf lives, while others age a bit more gracefully. Even the type of cannabis flower used will make a difference since some characteristics from the original plant material will shine through. The good news is that you don’t have to learn much about the extraction methods to appreciate the differences in the results.

Types of Cannabis Concentrates

There are many product options when it comes to concentrates. You may hear of distillates, cannabis oil, honey oil, bubble hash, and much more. While almost all marijuana concentrates offer high potency, there are significant differences (just as every different cannabis plant is unique). Some distillates are best enjoyed out of a vape pen, while other types of butane hash oil extracts are better suited for dabbing. Cannabis consumers typically enjoy these products in one of three different ways:

  1. Add Concentrates to Flower – After you grind up your cannabis flowers you can mix in some of your extracts before rolling a joint or packing a bowl. This is one of the easiest ways to enjoy concentrates without changing your normal smoking routine too much.
  2. Vaporize Concentrates – Whether you’re using a dab rig or buying pre-filled vape cartridges with THC oil, there are many ways to vaporize concentrates. Dab at the right temperature to maximize your enjoyment of the cannabinoids and terpenes (which are like the essential oils in cannabis).
  3. Make Marijuana Edibles With Extracts – If you plan to make your edibles with an extract, just make sure you don’t overdo it so the effects won’t be too strong.

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