Can Medical Marijuana help you with inflammatory diseases?

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With the internet fuse on this god-plant, cannabis, it’s no surprise that a lot of people are curious about its health benefits, especially for treating inflammation. If you’re among the thousands of persons that are still unsure if medical marijuana can treat inflammation, read on to get your answers.

Inflammation is not a problem; uncalled and untreated inflammation is.

Inflammation is our body’s way of fighting against toxins, viruses, and other infections.

Each time our body is injured or infected, it releases a chemical that triggers our immune system. And the white blood cells release proteins that eliminate the pathogens in the infected areas.

However, the problem with our immunizing process is that the proteins increase blood flow and fluid secretion. This causes reddish swelling and pain known as inflammation.  And inflammation, if left untreated, can cause some severe health issues like Rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s diseases.

Marijuana and its widespread uses

Since Canada legalized marijuana, the use of phytocannabinoid for recreational and medical purposes has increased. And this is because of how marijuana extracts have been used for treating severe disorders, including epilepsy, chronic pain, and other ailments. To reap all benefits, one can buy marijuana seeds online and cultivate cannabis at the comfort of their home.

But the most promising feature of marijuana is in treating inflammation. Yes, cannabis may help treat inflammation.

Marijuana and inflammation

THC and CBD with anti-inflammatory properties

THC and CBD are the most essential and famous cannabinoids of the marijuana plant. They are known for their efficacy in treating inflammatory diseases. CBD and THC can alleviate inflammation and control the performance of the immune system.

As we’ve seen already, inflammations are often caused by the hyped-up immune system. But endocannabinoid systems (ECS) can curb unwanted activities in our immune systems when you introduce the right amount of CBD and THC; they work in synergy with to stabilize the immune system.

A study at the University of South Carolina, USA, suggests that CBD and THC affect the immune system to shoot anti-inflammatory properties. THC and CBD, act upon CB1 and CB2 receptors in the human body to induce changes that result in lower inflammation levels.

Another German study suggests that you should take joints for your joints. Severe inflammations cause rheumatoid arthritis, but the right amount of CBD and THC should treat these sharp joint pains.

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So how does medical marijuana fight anti-inflammations? It triggers two receptors, CB2 and CB1. First, it activates CB2, which decreases the production of cytokine (pro-inflammatory signal substance) to reduce the mobilization of immune cells. Secondly, cannabis activates the CB1 receptors with a natural distaste of inflammation in joints and other lymphoid organs. So marijuana doesn’t only treat inflammation, but it reduces pain by controlling inflammatory actions with these receptors.

Marijuana for GI Inflammation

Another umbrella term for inflammatory disorders related to the human gut is Inflammatory Bowel Disease or IBD. Marijuana may treat this too. IBD is the disorder that inflames a colon in the intestine. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are an example of the IBD. These diseases are not caused by autoimmune malfunctions, like in the previous case. Instead, they start when the immune systems attack useful bacteria or food particles in the guts, probably mixing them to be harmful.

THC and CBD control the cellular pathways that cause inflammation in the colon by regulating the tissue response of the path. CBD and THC can temper the physiological activity to check the colonic inflammation, and this makes medical marijuana the ideal means of treating IBD disorders.


After understanding the science behind the treatment of chronic inflammation, you should also know the right way to take your medicinal marijuana or cannabis. Here are some guidelines and tips to help you:

  • Start with minimal doses. Consult your doctor before moving on to the next level of your treatment.
  • Track your body’s response to a specific dose. Then accordingly increase or decrease your dose.
  • There are many methods to ingest marijuana. They include vaping, eating CBD edibles, and taking CBD tinctures

So far, you’ve seen that marijuana might treat the inflammation from immune disorders and otherwise. So if you’re having chronic pain, and have probably tried other treatments, medical marijuana can be a good fit for you. Cannabis products are available in three types- CBD isolates (contains only CBD), Full-spectrum products (THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids), and broad-spectrum CBD (CBD + cannabinoids, expect THC). Choose as per your needs to get continuous recovery.

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