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Bud4Thought is a perfect way to grow into the new year. If the past year has taught us anything it’s that we should take the time to consciously express what we eat, sleep, smoke and say. Outside of all of the craziness of 2017, this year Rino Supply and our collaborative creative network challenged ourselves to think higher than the puff-puff-pass of the cannabis community. This year at Rino Supply we have set our intentions to elevate the conversation and sponsor a video and podcast series cultivating dialog and education about the beloved sweet leaf.

B4T was launched in 2017 by the content creators at Glevity. Bud4Thought has jumped to the forefront of  conversation and opportunities for shake sultans and concentrate connoisseurs alike. Conversations at Bud4Thought captivate and capitalize about various topics surrounding cannabis. B4T has evolved from focusing on educating smokers & growers to harvesting & plant production. In 2018 B4T introduced of a diverse group of media nerds and industry-heads to collaborate over a new multi-media platform. Bud4Thought.com is a place where common dialog is met with kush loving hosts to go beyond growing and discuss cbd, hemp, marijuana lifestyle, patient testimonies, products and valuable industry perspectives.

Rino Supply has found a renewed passion for the little pot plants (not just in cultivation). The B4T audience is as diverse as a conversation with the next person you may meet on the street. Through a mutual friend, the Bud4Thought crew recently found themselves in the middle of a 50,000 ft grow house. The immense size and production spontaneously begged questions about ideal environments for growing, proper lighting, cloning, flushing and transplanting. The B4T developers have definitely and selectively broken the process down to a simple dialect that is easily digested.

When the B4T podcast officially announces it’s presence (late Winter 2018) we will be locked-in at Bud4Thought.com. As we all have been blessed by the errant ganja gurus in smokey sessions of the past, we find Bud4Thought a refreshing edition. When you find the next time to roll-one and kick back, we hope you take time to checkout Bud4Thought.com.