Migraines and Marijuana

Benefits of Medical Marijuana on Migraines

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Benefits of Medical Marijuana on Migraines

Do you have migraines?

A lot of people suffer from these painful headaches, and everyone who has had one knows they are much more than just a little annoyance. They can completely take over a life and even keep someone in bed for days at a time. Even though people regularly put up with these and live in constant fear of them, the medical community has struggled to fight them. Pain killers aren’t enough, and the stronger medicines don’t always work. But could the answer be not in chemicals, but in a natural plant that grows in the ground? A recent study has given some evidence of the benefits of medical marijuana on migraines, showing that could be the case.
Migraine Medication

Marijuana Used Medically For a Long Time

Cannabis is often portrayed today is something that stoners smoke while watching cartoons. Bust since ancient times, marijuana has been used to cure much more than just boredom. It’s often used to help people with long-term pain, such as cancer and HIV/AIDS patients. Also, it’s used in multiple different forms, such as smoking it, eating it, drinking liquefied extracts, rubbing on oils, or using lozenges. Many people (and doctors) are amazed by the results and encourage using it, but others are fearful because there isn’t much known about the long-term effects of regular usage.

Overview of Migraines

If you don’t have migraines, the whole issue might not seem like a big deal. But it is, and a lot of people suffer from these. Migraines are the 3rd most common illness in the world, and roughly one out of every four houses in the US has someone having to put up with the pain. Also, migraines tend to run in families, so your kids have a greater chance of suffering from them if you do.

Migraines and Marijuana

Benefits of Medical Marijuana on Migraines: The Study

The study that we mentioned was conducted by scientists at the University of Colorado, and it tracked people who were using medical marijuana as advised by a doctor between January 2010 and September 2014. The subjects were a mixture of 121 adults, and they all had migraines often and severe enough to seek help from their doctors. Also, they didn’t just limit themselves to one form of ingesting the marijuana, but some patients tried multiple different ways.

There were a few objectives of the study, but the primary goal was to see if medical marijuana could have any impact on lowering the number of migraines per month. In short, the results were good news. The average amount of monthly migraines in the test subjects decreased from 10.4 to 4.6. Also, 39.7% of patients reported positive effects, and only 11.6% had something negative to say.

Of those negative, many were complaining about becoming sleepy or having trouble controlling the strength of their dose. Interestingly enough, the most negative complaints came from people ingesting edible marijuana. Just goes to show that edibles can be tricky to regulate!

Those don’t seem like huge risks when the most common positive results were less migraines every month, and stopping them when they’ve already started. The researchers concluded that it was a success overall, and they stated that more studies should be done to figure out the details of how, why, and the benefits of medical marijuana on migraines.

Marijuana Migraine Medication
Which Strain is Best for You?

One thing that the study wasn’t conclusive about was which strain of marijuana is best for migraines. At this point, your best chance is really to just try different types until you find one that works best for yourself. If you don’t know anything about the different types, feel free to reach out to us. We can give you a lot of advice based off of what we’ve seen work well for people.

Hoping for More Studies with Legalized Marijuana

One of the biggest reasons that there haven’t been more studies about medical marijuana has to do with the legality of the substance. Since it is so difficult to grow and obtain, it’s hard for scientists to have access to it in an official capacity even if all they want to do is study the impact it has on various medical conditions. That’s one of the many benefits that would come from legalizing cannabis, and this study conducted in Colorado is a great example of it working in a real scenario. Hopefully more states will follow suit, and then more scientists will be able to figure out how this plant can help with our problems.

Don’t Need a Headache

The good news for you is (if you’re 21+) you’re allowed to purchase marijuana for recreational purposes and find your own benefits of medical marijuana on migraines. So, whether or not you have migraines, why don’t you come by and see us? We’d love to help you pick out the best strain for you, and it will help expand our knowledge so we can give advice to anyone in a similar situation in the future!


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