Are Baby Boomers Smoking Pot in Colorado?

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Are Baby Boomers smoking pot in Colorado?

As someone who is right in the middle of the “Baby Boomer” generation (1946 – 1964) it is not a surprise to me that this age group has been highlighted as exceptional users of cannabis.  Our generation has garnered many such accolades throughout the years.  Sex, drugs, rock and roll, divorce, and … pot.  Rather than ascribing any labels though, I think it bears recognizing that we have been change-agents since day 1.  No more “Ozzie and Harriet” or “Leave It To Beaver” scenarios here.  Baby Boomers are envelope-pushing, innovatively thinking, mold-breakers.  Why does it surprise anyone that this range of individuals have embraced cannabis use for more than just a rebellious high?


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Unlike many of my friends, my introduction to medical marijuana was my introduction to cannabis use.  I am not quite sure how I avoided the high school escapes into purple haze, it wasn’t because I was compliant and rule-abiding.  Having never attended college but instead opting for marriage and family, I dodged recreational use again.  Ten years ago however, following a car accident and the resulting back injury, I jumped at the chance to get some relief.

Interestingly, and much to my chagrin, my three children were the greatest advocates I could have had.  They each supported me in their own way and with their own levels of humor.  The youngest, in high school at the time, rolled her eyes at me making a big deal out of “using”.  My worldly 20-something offered to teach me how to cultivate my own plants – and how to avoid “getting caught”.  The wise 30-something let me know it was okay by always being willing to smoke with me.  In retrospect, sharing this personal growth with my children has been one of the best experiences of my life.

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The legalization of medical marijuana certainly helped remove the stigma of smoking a bowl.  Somehow being able to call it “medicine” overcame the voice of my mother in my head.  The sweet surprise continued for me though.  Not only did I have the ability to sleep without constant back spasms, I was able to move around during the day.  The stealthy black cloud of depression that I hadn’t even seen taking over my life, was dramatically reduced and happiness returned.  Best of all perhaps is the ability to pause and relax, the first and most important steps to identifying and reducing stress.  All-in-all the use of marijuana has dramatically improved my quality of life and has allowed this Baby Boomer to smoke pot in Colorado.  Now, why wouldn’t a 59-year old who has garnered many valuable life lessons NOT take advantage of that!?

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Rather than identifying groups by the age range in which they fall, I wonder what would happen if you instead used a rubric based on acceptance, global awareness, healthy lifestyle, appreciation of humanity, and … marijuana use .  If only our numbers could be so impressive as to cause a change in how the cannabis culture is viewed .  Let’s hear it for us “seniors” who continue to set trends.  Maybe those Millenials, GenXs, and Whoevercomenexters will learn something important from us yet! 

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Mare is a freelance writer living in northern Colorado.  A reluctant member of the “baby boomer” generation and a proud native of the State, she enjoys spending time on her small farmstead with her menagerie.  Mare is a hopelessly obsessed fiber-art enthusiast and avid gardener who champions sustainable living and care for our  earth.  With a heartfelt focus on expanding the positive energy within which we are all able to thrive, she lives from the ground up receiving solace in her surroundings.

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