6 different types of marijuana strain for anxiety and stress according to the user

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Medical marijuana is an important area in the advancement of medicine that has drawn interest from around the world. Users who have experienced the miracles possible by medical marijuana towards the treatment of various diseases share their journey.  Through various means of sharing they enable more people across the world to harness the power of this extraordinary plant. While legalization is only starting to spread, user-generated data is the strength of understanding the efficiency of Medical Marijuana. There are clinical trials currently in progress to support this data. The optimism expressed through user experiences is an encouraging drop of positivity towards the change in the attitude of people towards cannabis across the world.

The use of Marijuana to treat and prevent mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, PTSD etc, is becoming common. A study published at the Journal of Affective Disorders which was conducted by the Washington State University through the app Strain print has been an effective way of keeping track of user data. Certain strains have been effective toward treating stress and anxiety due to the variable ratio of THC and CBD and these are some amazing marijuana-strains-to-grow. Here are 6 such interesting strains that might be a great way to treat these mental health conditions.

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1.Harlequin: This is a Sativa dominant strain that is a hybrid variety and has higher CBD levels in comparison to THC which makes is effective for the treatment of mental health problems. Higher CBD levels ensure that the best health benefits associated with marijuana are available without that psychoactive effects of the plant. The CBD to THC ratio is 5:2 that helps patients to have a clear head. It has been observed to enhance alertness in individuals and reduce anxiety levels by helping them relax without giving a sedating effect. Having a low THC level can be effective for people suffering from mental health issues and Harlequin is a great choice of strain in such cases.

2.OG Kush: This was among the most popular strains in the American West coast culture in the ’90s and has been known to create a sense of euphoria in individuals. This is a hybrid strain that comes from either heavy indica or potent forms of sativa and has been very effective for stress relief. The earthy pine flavours and the woody undertones of the strains have a rather relaxing and calming effect that is effective for treating anxiety and stress. It helps uplift the sensation of happiness but comes with a mild sedation effect. This strain is also recommended for ADHD, migraines and other stress disorders.

3.Cannatonic: Higher levels of THC in strains can increase levels of stress and anxiety in certain patients which is among the primary reasons why CBD dominant strains are preferred by users. Cannatonic, in fact, has a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, a cross between MK ultra and G13 Haze makes it a great strain to calm your mind. It decreases the risk of experiencing paranoia and stress and also reduces the effects of THC on the body. This Indica Dominant strain is also effective for muscle spasms, migraines, pain etc. Its mildly earthy smell along with hints of citrus and sweetness makes it a great balance for bringing down stress and anxiety levels.

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4.Green Crack: The name might actually be a deceiving aspect to an amazing strain as this which has large health benefits. This strain has particular energy boosting properties which are known for enhancing your mood and creating a sense of euphoria. These properties make these strains appropriate for treating depression, fatigue, and stress and also helps achieve better mental clarity. It does not make you feel drowsy and instead helps focus better. Green Crack is a Sativa dominant strain that is blissful to experience with the flavours of mango and brimming fruity tones. The mental buzz can create a soothing and calming effect that is comforting for people suffering from paranoia.

5.Royal Jack: This is also a Sativa-dominant strain that is popular for its amazing health benefits. This strain was crafted to offer the cerebral elevation that is possible by sativa as well as heavy resin production that is characteristic of indica strain. The mild pine flavour along with a hint of spicy and soft tones of flowery in this strain is s blend of flavours that help create a calming effect in the individuals. The phenotypes have a variety of effects that give a blissful sense of happiness in individuals and in fact, encourages them to be more creative. In moderation, it can help get through stressful situations and offer energy to make these conditions tolerable.


6.Super Silver Haze: This strain is the perfect blend of Haze, Skunk and Northern Light that has brought in the best effects possible from all of them. It is a sticky sativa blend that creates a lot of energy and gives an ethereal, long-lasting body high that helps counter panic attacks and anxiety disorders. People suffering from nausea and lack of appetite due to high-stress levels especially can benefit from an amazing strain as this.

Apart from these, strains such as Mango Canada, Harle-Tsu, Canna-Tsu, CBD Shark, AK47, Blue dream, etc have also been observed to have positive effects on the stress and anxiety levels in individuals. Some of these strains have also been found to enhance creativity along with helping the patients relax and offering them high energy boosts. With more research and clinical trials to support this user data the effect of these strains in helping patients suffering from high-stress levels, anxiety, and depression can be further understood.

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