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Proper Pot Smoking Etiquette

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Proper pot smoking etiquette is important, if not required, to best enjoy marijuana. If you are lighting up with a group of people there are a number of things to consider. We’ve put together our top 10 rules into a guide to stoner etiquette. Save the Greens If you’re smoking from a pipe never just roast the whole bowl with your lighter without …

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Street Art in the RiNo Art District

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Street Art in the RiNo Art District makes Denver an awesome place to live. For good reason our home has become one of the fastest growing cities in the country as more and more people want to live here.  There’s a plethora or reasons why it’s such an attractive place, from the number of new jobs available to the abundance of awesome …

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First Nation Americans Relationship with Marijuana

In Blog, Colorado, History of Marijuana, Medical Marijuana by RiNo Supply

Living in the United States today, it may be easy to feel like being open and free about marijuana is a new concept. It isn’t. It became illegal quite recently (for some pretty questionable reasons), and there was a long history of using it on these lands before that. Many First Nation American cultures used marijuana, but it’s important to …