Type: Indica Dominant (90%)
Parents: White Widow and Unknown North American Indica
Origins: Afghanistan, Brazil, India

One of our favorite and probably the most fitting strain for our dispensary is the powerful White Rhino. This high THC strain is cherished by our staff and customers. It’s a very indica dominant hybrid which produces a heady and strong high. It’s a very tough strain and the buds tend to produce a horn like cone at their peak. This combined with the silvery white hue that is given off by the buds seem to be the reasons behind the name White Rhino.

White Rhino Marijuana Strain Denver


This strain has very positive reviews across nearly all of the popular Marijuana review platforms.






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Medical Benefits

White Rhino is preferred by many of our medical patients due to it’s strength. It has very high THC levels typically falling within the 14% – 20% range. It’s a near complete Indica which affects both the body and mind. Our patients have told us they’ve experienced a number of benefits from the White Rhino strain.


They majority of people who consume White Rhino say that it’s defining characteristic is a very earthy flavor, with somewhat of a woody taste. Another common observation is the sharp, pungent smell that this strain gives off. This aroma is somewhat of a caution and word of warning to the powerful potency of the this strain. Even the most seasoned smokers have been trampled by the White Rhino if they go into it thinking it’s just any other strain, so we always let our patients know of it’s power before they taste it.

  • Stress Reducer

  • Pain Reliever

  • Sleep Aid

  • Alleviate Depression

  • Increase Appetite

If you’re interested in trying the White Rhino strain, just stop by RiNo Supply and we can help you out. This is a strain we almost always have on the shelf and our friendly budtenders would be happy to chat with you or answer any more questions you might have about it.