We provide an exciting, personal shopping experience aimed at educating patients about the positive benefits of locally grown medical marijuana. We aim to be the best dispensary in Denver, and invite you to check out our product selection below for descriptions and more information. You can also call or visit us in-person for a complete rundown from our knowledgeable and helpful staff.

These potent marijuana strains come from plants that are short and stout, with wide leaves and dense buds. Usually, the effect is a sleepy and relaxed experience with body highs that can be quite intense. Look for tastes that are sour or sweet smelling.* Medicinally, Indica strains are often used for pain relief, anxiety reduction and insomnia and have also been used for seizure prevention. These strains are higher in Cannabidiol (CDB) and contain very little Tetrahydrocannabinols (THC).

Sativa strains are among the highest in THC content and grow in tall, relatively thin plants. The leaves are also fairly thin and lighter green, and the smell is citrusy and fragrant. The high is euphoric, cerebral and energizing, almost opposite of CBD-prominent Indica marijuana strains. Medical treatments using this strain often include appetite improvement, reduction of depression, and pain relief.*

These marijuana strains are a genetic blend of Sativas and Indicas, and they offer the benefits of CBD and THC combined. Different plants have different proportions of the two cannabinoids, and our Denver staff will be happy to walk you through the options. We offer some of the most popular strains available and also feature rare varieties and thick, dense buds with intoxicating aromas. Sniff before you buy to ensure you get both the experience and the taste you’re looking for.

Our Denver dispensary offers more than 65 edibles for anyone who wants to experience the effects of THC or CBD without the smoke with milligram contents well beyond 100mg. Edibles offer a different experience from smokables or topicals. They often last much longer and have more ups and downs as digestion progresses, but take up to two hours to take effect. Historically, edibles have been difficult to dose properly, but our professionally created butters, brownies, bars and candies prevent this problem because each label lists the exact amount of medicine you’ll ingest per serving. If you’re new to marijuana, please consult with our friendly staff for advice and information about what to expect.

These products use both hash oil and concentrated cannabis oil in their purest form, completely free from any contaminants or undesirable compounds. The concentrate options you’ll find in our Denver store can be used in vaporizers or in cartridges, similar to those used for e-cigarettes. The hash oil high is particularly intense from these concentrated cannabis oils, so you need very little to have an enjoyable experience. Concentrated kief in powder form is also available.

Our bubble hash is one of the most popular products our Denver customers ask for, and this unadulterated cannabis resin bubbles like butter when flame is applied. With it, you get only the THC you want, not all the extra plant matter that comes with traditional buds and leaves. Our waxes and oils are also very sought-after, highly potent and can be hallucinogenic.

These have been called the most underrated of all cannabis products, but have wonderful benefits such as a high that starts in about 15 minutes, without the smoke or issues that come with edibles. Tinctures are used by putting a few drops of this concentrated cannabis oil under the tongue, and the experience peaks rapidly before settling into a steady, sustained high.

The equipment you use to ingest your marijuana, bubble hash or cannabis oil is vital to having a good experience. If you want to enjoy the ritual of smoking without burning through a joint or blunt too quickly, you can choose from a variety of beautiful, high-quality glass pipe that won’t clog or break easily. If you want a greater quantity without any hint of burning in your throat, try one of our popular bongs that filters the smoke through clear water. We also offer trays, grinders, discreet dugout-style setups, papers, tips, pens and lighters.

These cannabinoid products are applied directly to the skin and have been used for pain relief, some kinds of dermatitis, arthritic pain and bronchitis, among many other things.* Demand for these products from our Denver customers has been growing, and one of the main benefits is that they aren’t intoxicating because they rarely enter the bloodstream. They are believed to work with the body’s natural cannabinoid system to improve healing and reduce pain.

*Please Be Cautious and Seek Medical Advice

Every person’s experience with marijuana is unique, and strains can have different effects based on a variety of psychological and physiological factors. We recommend speaking with a doctor before using any form of cannabis, particularly for medical marijuana applications. We also recommend that all users become educated about marijuana and that they use their cannabis in a safe, comfortable and controlled environment. Medical marijuana is not for anyone younger than 18, should never be used while driving or in public places, should not be mixed with other drugs or alcohol and should be stored out-of-reach of pets and children.