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We offer consistently high quality organic medical marijuana at affordable prices.

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We only use 100% organic soil and nutrients.

RiNo Supply Company is dedicated to be your year-round local source for medical marijuana.

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RiNo Supply: Your Year-Round Source for High-Quality, Organic Medical Marijuana in Denver

Huge Selection of Medical Marijuana Denver

Huge Selection

Whether you prefer a potent strain of Indica for relaxation and a good night's sleep; a pleasant, social Sativa for a light and sweet smoke experience; or a hybrid for a combined experience, you can find all the edibles, resins and smokables you need at RiNo Supply Company in North Denver, Colorado. We are committed to providing high-quality medical marijuana at affordable prices.

We invite you to visit our Denver dispensary for medical marijuana. If you have a specific medicinal marijuana strain in mind, we can help you find just what you're looking for to alleviate your symptoms and give you peace. If you're unsure, our knowledgeable staff will walk you through all the options, ranging from over 40 of strains of smokables and shake to the finest waxes, tinctures, concentrates and hash.

You can also choose from a vast selection of edibles, including Incredibles Monkey Bars,Gaia’s Garden Sugar-Free Drops, Epic Edible Smores and Tincturebell Pixie Stix, not to mention toffees, hard candies, gummies and more. In total, more than 65 different treats and supplements are available, and we are happy to help you understand what kind of experience to expect from each.

Affordable Medical Marijuana in Denver

Competitive Pricing

You can trust our organic products to be reliable and consistent, and now you can get them from our trusted medical marijuana dispensary at a lower cost than ever. We consistently beat the prices of competing Denver marijuana dispensaries while outdoing them in selection, and we encourage you to check it out for yourself.

Whether you're seeking medical marijuana substances or supplies such as water bongs, papers, glass, pre-rolled joints or even sneak-a-hit style dugouts, we have what you need for less. Just one stop, and you'll be ready to go.

For even better deals on both products and merchandise, we invite Denver-area residents to choose our business to be their dedicated caregiver. These loyal customers can receive special discounts and are eligible for giveaway contests. We would love to see you for an in-person visit in our North Denver medical marijuana dispensary today.

Soil Grown Marijuana Denver

Soil Grown

Our local horticulturists work diligently to ensure that your preferred method of THC delivery is free from any molds, pesticides or contaminants, and working only with these local growers helps keep our prices low.

We grow only in real soil rather than raising plants hydroponically, and that means a superior flavor experience for our Denver marijuana customers whether you're looking for a light, citrusy taste, a skunky and strong diesel or high-end hybrid haze like award-winning Ghost Train Haze. Soil-grown marijuana plants have better access to the nutrients in the soil and grow naturally with complete root systems, making them superior to their alternatively grown counterparts.

We use only the highest-quality soil and nutrients for all our organic plants, and ensure proper drainage and plenty of oxygen to keep the leaves and buds strong and healthy. Even though some plants take longer to grow this way, we believe the taste difference makes it worth putting in the time.

Our Dispensary is Located in North Denver

You have a lot of choices in dispensaries in Denver, RiNo offers the highest quality and most up to date products to make your decision easy.